28+ Best Home Office Color Ideas – Epic Color Schemes for Home Offices

Home Office Color Ideas – If you’re like me, your home office is the neglected space of your home décor. I used to keep my home office relatively bare since I focused my style efforts on the living room, master bedroom and alike – since these where they place I entertain guest and hang out in the most.  Once I put some time and effort into making my home office more inviting and comfortable, I started spending more time in there. And, guess what? I started getting more work done.

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to update your office is painting. With so many home office paint color ideas out there, I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites and elaborate on how they can physiologically and stylistically improve your home office experience.

Red Home Office

Image Source: pinterest.com

For everyone who strive to attain a sensual and dynamic ambiance in the home office, this is the perfect shade. The burn red is a synonym for passionate, sensual and dynamic ambiance. The excessive energy that comes from the dashingly vibrant burnt red shade is smartly eased down with the white home office furniture.

Cream & White Stripe

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Source: theinspiredroom.net

If you are looking for traditional, understated elegance, this palette may be just the thing for you. Any girl would be lucky to call this her home office.

The striped wall is pretty darn simple to do, but man does it make a big impact in a small room. This simple yet impactful style and color pair well with almost anything, but I think they look best with farmhouse modern and contemporary décor.

Lovely Light Green

Image Source: pinterest.com

Gorgeous green white home office with zebra rug. By only painting one wall and leaving the others and the adjacent cabinet’s white, they have opened up the possibilities of styling the room with a sophisticated neutral palette. We found Easy Green by Sherwin Williams to be a good match.

Chic Blush Pink

Brilliant home office desk ideas #office #homeoffice #homedecor #officeinteriordesign
Source: elledecor.com

This work space has me tickled pink. What chic girl, wouldn’t want to use this space for writing, studying, or just being effortlessly fabulous? What keeps it from looking like it belongs in a little girl’s bedroom is its dusty undertones – I feel like I am looking at an Arizona sunset on this wall.

Two Tone Sea Blue

Astounding cool office spaces ideas #office #homeoffice #homedecor #officeinteriordesign
Source: liveloudgirl.com

This minimalist color and dichotomy of the two tone wall creates so much visual interested without being busy. Two tone walls have the ability to create height in the room and lineal lines can make the space look larger as well. The styling of this office focuses heavily on natural wood and industrial elements, but would also look good with metals if the rest of the palette is kept natural.

Sophisticated Greige

Wonderful simple home office #office #homeoffice #homedecor #officeinteriordesign
Source: stylemepretty.com

Greyge is a relatively new tern to describe the lovely color trend of grey and beige. It has a delightful warmth but is much more modern that tradition beige. Another thing I am loving about this color is the ease of it. It literally goes with everything. It can be styled chic, romantic, modern, and minimalist. It’s the most beautiful neutral I have ever seen.

Gorgeous Dark Gray

Image Source: pinterest.com

Grey home office workspaces. This deep gray color is a game changer. I’m sure you have noticed over the last few year how popular grey has become for home décor and paint, and for good reason. It’s the new, modern natural and pairs well with nearly any color and most wood grains.

Cool Yellow Accent

Terrific home office wall decor ideas #office #homeoffice #homedecor #officeinteriordesign
Source: casaeconstrucao.org

The color yellow is known for being empowering, joyful and innovative. You’ll find Illuminate Me by Valspar to be a great match. I suggest you get a good primer built in if you choose to go with yellow so you get the pop you are looking for.

Dark Teal Dream

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Source: decoist.com

This rich, glossy, deep teal is the stuff dreams are made of. This home office screams luxury to me. The rich color paired with the black whites and pops of orange keep is very current but somehow timeless. If you are going for modern elegance, this look cannot not be beat.

Mid Century Modern Bright Blue

Image Source: pinterest.com

If you have an appreciation of the timeless beauty of the midcentury, you will love this updated bright blue on your office walls. Bright blue is known for its electric, vibrant, and exhilarating vibes.

This home office paint color looks amazing with teak and walnut woods. It can be used with neutrals or other bright colors.

Light Subtle Grey

Marvelous design my home office #office #homeoffice #homedecor #officeinteriordesign
Source: pinterest.com/pin/756604806117983838/

You know I had to throw one more grey paint color idea into the mix. This time, it’s much softer grey. I think of clouds during a fall thunderstorm.

This pallet is best with a neutral and monochromatic tones. White, lighter and darker grey, and black all lend to the simply beauty of this grey.

This tone evokes feeling of logic, modesty, and efficiency. We like Iced Cube Silver by Benjamin Moore to create this beautiful home office.

Paint Free Wall Wood Wall

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Source: brightbazaarblog.com

If you are thinking maybe paint isn’t for me but I need visual interest in my office, you may want to consider the look of wood planking, known as shiplap.

It’s easier than ever to achieve the rustic aesthetic, thanks to companies like Stikwood – who have created pull and stick planks that look like the real deal but can be installed in just a few house.

Trapeze Wall Mural

Extraordinary home office solutions #office #homeoffice #homedecor #officeinteriordesign
Source: muralswallpaper.co.uk

How about creating a mural on your office wall? This can be achieved using a pre-made mural cut to the size of your wall or paint in coordinating colors.

I was really inspired by this look. I love the monochromatic steel blues. It is simple and elegant. You can completely transform an office using this technique.

Bold Black Home Office

Surprising home office designs and layouts #office #homeoffice #homedecor #officeinteriordesign
Source: thecolorcodedlife.com

Naturally, black is a rare first choice for every homeowner, but it is always a first choice for bold and daring people who want to attain a sensual and dramatic ambiance in the interior. That is the case with this super bold black home office, ingeniously decorated with white as a complementary shade and attain a perfect balanced and modern appearance.

Burnt Orange Home Office

Eye-opening office color schemes #office #homeoffice #homedecor #officeinteriordesign
Source: ayearofproductivity.com

The burnt orange paint color is a perfect shade for attaining a charming and lively ambiance in the home office. The burnt orange reflects dynamic and yet not that excessive energy, is beneficial for small space home offices because of its power to visual enlarge the space.

Fancy Turquoise

Image Source: pinterest.com

Turquoise home office study. Perfect for the beach house. House of Turquoise: Michelle Thomas Design. The turquoise paint color is perfect for all fashionistas and trendsetters, since of the immensely modern and trend ambiance that this shade reflects in the interiors.

The good thing about the turquoise paint color is that this tone will both apply a modern and stylish appearance without smattering the place with heavy energy, but in contrary it will add freshness and ecstatic ambiance in the place.

Formal Brown

Image Source: pinterest.com

Beautiful traditional home office. The brown paint color is most often choice for the regular or home office. The brown paint color hold some sort of formality and still is superior in setting an elegant and highly sophisticated ambiance in the place.

Light Peach Orange Home Office

Image Source: pinterest.com

Beautiful Living Rooms and Offices. Well, without any doubt this is the right paint color for all the perky souls who enjoy vibrant and cheery interiors. The bright peach orange is a perfect shade for creating an astonishingly bright and lively ambiance and is super flexible in terms of adapting the style interior.

Modern Purple Home Office

Gorgeous small office layout ideas #office #homeoffice #homedecor #officeinteriordesign
Source: hgtv.com

Purple is a synonym for classy and perky, so this paint color idea is for you if you strive to create a modern and yet bright and vibrant ambiance in the home office. Purple is great in terms of energy flow and flexibility, meaning that this paint color can be easily combined with other colors.

Natural Beige Home Office

Image Source: pinterest.com

fabulous room design, would make a precious office! If you want to create a bright, cozy home office with elegant and classy note, then you should the beige paint color for the interior. The beige paint color is perfect for creating a cheery and yet elegant and beautiful ambiance in the home office.

Olive Green Home Office

Image Source: pinterest.com

25 Small Home Office Designs Creating Functional and Modern Work Spaces

Green paint color is utterly perfect for creating a cheery and relaxing ambiance. You may be familair with the fact the green paint color has a relaxing feature, meaning that this paint color can really open up the home office and provide the interior with calming and peaceful note.

Pink Home Office

Image Source: pinterest.com

A well styled book case. Perfect for an office space. From ORC – Swoon Worthy Office Reveal

Ultra Marine Blue Home Office

Image Source: pinterest.com

Colourful Home Office Inspiration. Ultra marine blue is a perfect paint color for creating a refreshing and vibrant ambiance in the home office. The blue paint color will surely improve the aesthetics of the home office and fill the place with vibrant and lively ambiance.

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