50 Most Stylish Kitchen Lighting ideas for Low & High Ceilings

 One of the most difficult rooms to get the lighting right is the kitchen. It is full of awkward angles, light blocking cupboards and hard to get to spaces. Modern kitchens tend to be more open plan, and therefore easier to lights.

Rise and fall lighting is becoming increasingly more important with the explosion of kitchen islands and breakfast bars. Under cupboard, lighting is becoming more popular with the universal takeover of LED lighting which as well as being low voltage can be made smaller to light the most confined of spaces.

Here are our Best Kitchen Lighting Ideas for low or high ceilings to beautify and brighten up your kitchen. Scroll down and get inspired.

Kitchen Lighting ideas for Low Ceilings Over Island

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A vibrant pop of yellow adds a fun, bright contrast against the more muted browns.

Kitchen Fluorescent Light

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Steppe Rectangle Semi Flush Ceiling Mount.

Industrial Style Lighting

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The unique chandelier will be an attention anytime people go to the kitchen. You may put it at the top of kitchen bar table and by the time you turn it on, you feel the warmness.

Glass Box Over Island

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The kitchen cabinetry is ice-white and simple, with all the textural impact emanating from a splash back of rich copper and the glass pendant. Glazing above and around the kitchen extension makes the most of available light, with the open feel enhanced by clever structural techniques that remove the need for supporting pillars.

Orbit Pendant Over Island

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These orbit pendant lights not only give great, powerful lighting over the island, but they also look very cool thanks to their unusual, unique design which makes them a feature in this kitchen.

Gilded Lights Over Island

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These narrow, gilded lights highlight the breakfast bar and complement the warm glow of the kitchen while standing out against the cabinetry. The narrow shades create a spotlight on the counter, showing off the patterning on the granite countertops.

Crystal And Gold Lighting

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This crystal and gold stunner we saw on Style Me Pretty creates a luxe kitchen scene that draws from the room’s metallic hardware.

Trio Simple Hanging

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The best things come in threes. This trio of simple pendant lights emphasises the clean simplicity of this kitchen.

G Series Bulb

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Monochromatic Pendant

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These stark, monochromatic pendants are great visual additions to this striking kitchen. The white shades offer a nice diffused light through out the room.

Style Statement

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The Forties circular light is the pièce de résistance of this glamorous kitchen. The kitchen was inspired by the look of Thirties Parisian pharmacies. The island was designed to look like a freestanding piece of furniture and the unlacquered brass brings warmth and depth to the space.

Copper Pendant Lights

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Simple, yet attention grabbing, these pendant lights are perfect to light up a simple kitchen design and give a copper glow over the island during supper.

Proper Illumination Over Island

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Add an alluring glow to the kitchen with the help of a statement-making modern chandelier with crystalline accents. Recessed overhead lighting placed at strategic points in the ceiling further brightens the cozy space.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas Over Sink – Oval Spotlight

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Wooden kitchen design is commonly chosen because of it cozy atmosphere. For those who love natural style, you may apply neutral colors including white, black, and brown. For example, you can hang white light bulbs along with black bell oval spotlight lampshade.

Glam Factor

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Bronze mirrored-glass adds a glam note, while the kitchen pendants over the island don’t block out any natural light.

Industrial Lighting Over Sink

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