30 Best Kitchen Design and Remodeling Ideas for Your Home

Kitchen Remodel Ideas – A kitchen remodel can significantly increase the value of your home, so it requires special attention, of course. If you’re in the market for a smart, stunning kitchen renovation, scroll through for 30 genius ideas that will withstand the test of time.

1. Optimize Overhead Storage

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If you’re limited in square footage, start thinking vertically with your kitchen remodel. The sky (or perhaps the ceiling) is the limit when planning overhead storage, as evidenced by the practical pole that serves as a hanging rack for pots and pans in Martha’s Turkey Hill kitchen. Make use of ceiling, too, when mapping out your remodel to supplement storage.

2. Use Neglected Nooks To Your Advantage

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DIY mavens Paul Ludick and Bill Anton employed every square inch of their kitchen space when refurbishing their Pleasant Mount, Pennsylvania, home. Details such as a dog door disguised as a cabinet and sliding built-ins ensure a superior, serviceable kitchen with visual continuity.

3. Build Your Own Island: After

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A small kitchen requires design accents that serve multiple functions simultaneously while occupying minimal space. A master multitasker, the average kitchen island can provide additional dining space, a platform for food preparation, and significant storage in compact quarters.

4. Maximize The Space

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Optimize your kitchen floor plan for food prep and entertaining by rethinking the layout. Simply switching the location of your refrigerator, cabinets, and dishwasher could increase counter space and allow for a better traffic flow through the room.

5. Play With Pastels

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Don’t place limitations on your color palette. While natural earth tones work well in some homes, playful pastels pair elegantly with other spaces.

6. Add Marble

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Marble kitchen with modern light fixture, beautiful flowers, and wood bar stools. Marble can be as fancy or as industrial-cool as you want it to be, based on the materials you pair with it. We’re swooning over the black and gold range.

7. Keep It Unfinished

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The exposed brick walls add an undone, laid-back feel to this kitchen. Instead of covering them up or refinishing them, let your original architectural details stand out.

8. Choose Fun Lighting

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We try to keep the space stocked with fresh croissants all the time, naturally. Use your lighting to up the fun vibes in your kitchen. These white and gold pendants add a modern, slightly glam, touch to this kitchen.

9. Design For The 21st Century

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For those who crave drama, here’s a kitchen that provides it. The wood cabinets and stainless steel counter pop against black walls, while frosted glass lightens things up. Notice that the cabinets on the left are on casters, allowing them to be rolled out from under the counter.

10. A Natural, Rustic Style

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Is it possible to have too much texture in a kitchen? Not according to the designer who styled this one. A grooved copper range hood is flanked by rustic dry-stacked stone; the natural grain of the hickory cabinets complements the smooth dark countertop.

11. Paint Your Kitchen An Inspired Color

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Color is the spice of kitchen life. Picking the perfect color not only makes for a lively, pleasant space, but it’s one idea that can inexpensively return great value.

12. Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Add a cabinet to any dead space in your kitchen or laundry room for cleaning supplies.

One word you never want to hear about your kitchen cabinets: dated. So, to attract maximum value in your kitchen remodel, put cabinets at the top of your list.

13. Add An Eye-Catching Backsplash

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A kitchen backsplash is the ideal element to add or upgrade in terms of investment since initial cost is low while the visual impact is high. The low price of adding a backsplash is owing to the fact that most backsplashes are do-it-yourself.

14. Install Gorgeous Quartz Countertops

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Countertop ideas wood plank kitchen countertop. Among kitchen countertops, laminate, concrete, stainless steel, solid surface, and a number of others vie for “best countertop” status. But one countertop material always leads the pack: quartz countertops.

15. Make It Modern

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E-design project: Small kitchen design by Eleni Psyllaki of My Paradissi.

Sleek, streamlined wood—we’re so here for it. Add some potted plants and it’ll feel a little more inviting.

16. Take Your Cabinets Two-Toned

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Why settle for one color when you could have two? Just make sure you choose two complimentary colors so nothing clashes, like the blue and gray in this kitchen.

17. Add A Ladder

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Mix form with function by outfitting your kitchen with a ladder. Moroccan tiles add a bright pop of blue to break up all the wood.

18. Drop Your Floor

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pretty floor and cabinets.

A dropped floor makes a rustic kitchen feel even larger. The exposed wood beams in the ceiling also give it that farmhouse vibe.

19. Use Open Shelving

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This home kitchen is inspired by a working kitchen. Use open shelving to add to the utilitarian feel.

20. Try Some Subtle Stripes

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Implement the 50/150 rule.

When the budget didn’t allow for a paneled kitchen, they came up with another tactic for a cozy space: stripes. Sherwin-Williams’s Searching Blue coats the cabinets, while the walls use the same base color mixed 50 percent lighter and 150 percent darker.

21. Try Tiny Window Shades

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flea market decor stands on an open shelf wrapping around the wall near the ceiling of this vintage-look kitchen in shades of white with red accents in this 1920s cottage-style remodel.

22. Choose Dramatic Lighting

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Black and white makes a bold contrast in this kitchen with dramatic lighting.

23. Try Bamboo Flooring for Your Kitchen

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New fiberglass chairs by Modernica contrast with this dining room’s 1870s Italian worktable (which is 11 feet long!). The 1960s glass lighting fixture was found at 1stdibs.com and the dress form at Urban Outfitters. The built-in cabinet (painted in Sea Wave Blue by Valspar) and the bird-themed wallpaper applied to the ceiling bring in a bit of whimsy that makes this room unforgettable.

24. Try A Statement Ceiling

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A green gingham ceiling gives a classic white kitchen some cool points. Bonus? It adds drama to high ceilings, while making the room a little cozier.

25. Go Scandinavian Style

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Modern Scandinavian Kitchens that Leave You Spellbound.

Store everyday dishes on a traditional plate rack, and opt for a vintage table and chairs. Major farmhouse decor envy.

26. Go Geometric

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Hang pots from cantilevered shelves and choose patterned tiles to create a graphic floor in an all-white kitchen. The effect is industrial, but still homey.

27. Combine Past & Present

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THERE´S A STORY IN EVERYHING – GALLERY – Zoco Home. Though steel casement windows echo this house’s 1920s history, the island feels more contemporary with its waterfall edge. White oak was bleached, limed, and then waxed to make the cabinets.

28. Go Industrial

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Industrial And Rustic Designs Resurfaced By The New LOFT Kitchen:

29. Create A Chalkboard Bar

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A chalkboard wall is the most fun way to show off your weekend brunch menu. (Plus, now you don’t have to worry about your kids drawing on the walls).

30. Go Retro

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Besides the food, the center of any diner are the cozy booths. Those comfy red leather seats are practically calling out,

We’re swooning over the retro details in this colorful kitchen. Accessorize with classic appliances, like a KitchenAid mixer.

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