20 Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Ideas

Colors come after materials for any part of a house. After having the best design with the best materials, you then should pick a color that can elevate the current look. Kitchen cabinet color ideas are here to encourage you to opt for any colors for your kitchen.

Kitchen cabinet is must-have kitchen furniture that should be there. Without it, you will have some problem as it plays an essential role in the kitchen. These kitchen cabinets that we are trying to tell you will enliven your kitchen.

We have selected a variety of kitchen cabinets with beautiful color that sure is colorful. And most importantly, they will make you feel comfortable being in the kitchen whether you are cooking there or not.

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinet

Dark Grey - kitchen cabinet color ideas
Image Source: thekitchn.com

You can go with one color when choosing a kitchen cabinet or you can combine it to make your kitchen looks more alive. This one has two-toned cabinets which are grey and white.

The upper one is in white with glass doors from which you can see there are a collection of plates and bowls nicely set in it. Between the cabinet is space that is filled with beautiful herringbone tiles.

Light Grey

Light Grey
Image Source: houzz.com

If you are not very fond of bright color, light grey could be what you are looking for. It makes a perfect blend with these neutral flooring tiles. And there is also a wooden table that looks kind of old, which spreads a traditional ambiance in the kitchen.

If you look carefully, the flooring tiles have a different way of installment. It leaves a different look that adds beauty to the kitchen in terms of appearance.

  • Above the table is hanging storage for pots – a clever way to tidy up space in the kitchen
  • Open shelves with thick wood are set on the wall to display some kitchen stuff collection


Beige - kitchen cabinet color ideas
Image Source: Pinterest.com

Beige really sparks joy here with its soft color, and it leaves a sweet and romantic feel in the air. It is quite a good combination when mixed with the white terracotta wall that apparently has a similar color that is almost hard to see.

The handle doors look shiny with their small shape and they make it look elegant. This is for you who adore such a gentle tone in the kitchen.

Sophisticated Gray

Sophisticated Gray - kitchen cabinet color ideas
Image Source: housebeautiful.com

If you need a color that can create a cool and calm atmosphere, gray would stand up in the first line. Grey color scheme isn’t only applied to the furniture but also some parts of the kitchen such as the island, lamps, and wall.

The countertop is in white, which merges beautifully with gray. Those pendant lights add the bold gray to some extent whereas the wood plank flooring leaves a homey feeling here.

The windows are fairly huge and are located next to the island, letting the sunlight shine through and enliven the kitchen.

White Kitchen Cabinets

White Kitchen Cabinets
Image Source: Pinterest.com

White is the most neutral color that exists everywhere in many houses. It is a color that is said to give a cool and relaxed vibe, and it makes the room appears larger somehow.

White can also be boring when you don’t know how to mix it with the right combination. But this kitchen is meant to be the way it is. It looks appealing when mixed with deep grey kitchen island that drives away pale tone.

  • The cabinet walls in the kitchen with its mild tone, including the wall-mounted one
  • Terracotta tiles wall and ceiling improve the white color scheme

White & Clean Kitchen

White & Clean Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas
Image Source: home-designing.com

Shining in white hues, this kitchen is filled with furniture that has a stunning look. It’s an all-white kitchen style with dark flooring. The kitchen has been taken care of thoroughly, and it can be seen how neat it is.

It looks spotless that you can feel peaceful being here. The wall seems to be marble and it has a similar tone with the cabinet.

  • An island with a marble countertop along with a sink is added to help you for food prep
  • Two metal lamps above it elegantly blend with monochromic kitchen

Wood Texture

Wood Texture
Image Source: ikea.com

When deciding a color for your kitchen, any colors are possible. But some may choose to see the original color when it comes to talking about kitchen cabinet color ideas. A neutral color is timeless, which is the reason why many people adore it through time.

It shows the true essence of what wooden cabinet really is. And in this kitchen, the wooden cabinets show their true value with their stunning exposed-weather lines.

It is a valuable asset for a kitchen by having such lovely furniture with its natural texture and color. It is as beautiful as the way it is.

A Drop Of Golden Sun

1. A Drop Of Golden Sun - kitchen cabinet color ideas
Image Source: Pinterest.com

A certain type of color will likely to influence one’s mood, and it can affect you emotionally and that’s why some certain people pick a certain color in order to spread some energy that can re-energize or make them feel calm as soon as they get back home.

A stunning gold of sun is vividly found here, which sparks happiness all through the air. The lighting from the window really makes the kitchen feels so alive and enhances the nice golden sun cabinet.

To see everything is well organized will also spark joy that you wouldn’t mind to spend some time working in the kitchen cleaning or cooking.

Delicious Mint Green

Delicious Mint Green
Image Source: Pinterest.com

This kitchen doesn’t only look delicious, but it looks romantic with those beautiful flowers on the table to some extent. The fresh atmosphere is derived from the slightly white and green cabinets – you’re going to love this color in your kitchen.

There’s a sink next to the window that brings surplus lighting that brightens the room and makes it pretty.

White hues in the kitchen really increase the beauty of this mint kitchen cabinet. It makes a perfect color blend that you will find it hard to resist.

  • Another element that makes the room nice is those two antique lamps hanging on the ceiling
  • The island has a room that allows you to insert the chairs to save some space, which is a nice addition to it

Elegant Blues And Deep Indigo

Elegant Blues And Deep Indigo
Image Source: Pinterest.com

Creating some contrast can make the kitchen appear to be bold. Here is a combination of blues and deep indigo that strangely makes a nice blend.

The blues cabinet is set on the corner that decorates the kitchen with a white terracotta wall tiles that nicely fit it. The Indigo one leaves a subtle touch. It has golden doors handles that make a little nice detail to the cabinet.

Light Blue

Image Source: sebringdesignbuild.com

The sky and ocean have a nice blue color that inspires a lot of people to paint their home with such color type, including the kitchen. And you would soon think about the ocean and sky when seeing this kitchen cabinet.

The upper one is in bright white along with the wall whereas the lower one is the light blue. Some racks can be seen on the wall and function as useful storage to keep kitchen items to make it look clean and neat.

The blue color and the environment really bring a beach atmosphere with its blue oceanic wave to the kitchen. A rug is added when you want to have a warm and welcoming nuance in the kitchen.


Image Source: Pinterest.com

Red is often described with the word hot or sexy. Do you agree with that? And it can also be described as a bold one. The red cabinet here isn’t that intimidating. Instead, it looks a little bit soft with its deep red.

It makes the kitchen feel old-fashioned when seeing this kitchen with its black and white flooring tiles, white ceiling and wall. But the blue flowers over there leave a peaceful ambiance.

It is a simple kitchen with less detail. You can elaborate your kitchen with the same color by using your creativity and skills in order to get your kitchen that meets your expectation. Color can define one’s preference, and red will always attract those people who admire it.


Image Source: apartmenttherapy.com

Spreading the sweet, romantic and feminine feel in the air, a pink kitchen cabinet is chosen in this small kitchen. This looks a bit pale and it doesn’t appear so bright. In this case, the owner might not very keen on such a vivid color, so they chose this one.

The white surface of the cabinet looks clean. The wall is also in white and there are open shelves on which some kitchen items are exhibited.

It may be small, but the main thing about having a kitchen is that it’s clean and you are happy being in it to serve some delicious meal for the family.

Emerald Green

Emerald Green
Image Source: Houzz.com

With such a distinctive color scheme, this kitchen has a wonderful cabinet color, which is emerald green. Both cabinets share the same tone.

Mixing it with white hues of the terracotta wall was the right decision. It does fit well, making the kitchen to look beautiful in so many ways.

  • It has a portable island that can be relocated when you’re about to remove the rug when cleaning the floor
  • There you can put your collection of pots on its racks and it’s obviously easy to find since they are located in plain sight

Energizing Black

Energizing Black - kitchen cabinet color ideas
Image Source: elledecor.com

Thinking about something or some color that can refresh and reenergize your mood, black will do. Look at this kitchen cabinet. An excellent choice of kitchen cabinet is when it’s met with a white tone.

Creating a fascinating black and white kitchen that looks elegant. The cabinet is equipped with a sink and it has a glowing countertop. Above the cabinet, there are white plates on the racks that look a bit daring when the lighting coming through the window.

Navy Blue

Navy Blue
Image Source: Pinterest.com

If there’s a color that can spark joy in your heart, it could be blue. It looks cool, stunning and peaceful at the same time. It’s just perfect for you who desire a comfortable kitchen with such a peaceful aura.

Create a backsplash when you include a white tone that intertwines with this exotic navy blue. The window is covered with a small curtain, which spices up the kitchen in a way it looks pretty.


Turquoise kitchen cabinet color ideas
Image Source: Pinterest.com

Turquoise has a taste of color between green and blue. In this room, it makes the room looks a bit old-fashioned with its not-so-bright surfaces. Well, some people obviously don’t interested in a bright color that they find an alternative way to decorate their kitchens.

Something still is pretty when you know how to deal with it. It may be small in amount but the tiny hexagonal wall adds a soft touch with its pale color. A rather huge lamp will brighten up the kitchen and make it lively with its lighting.

Cute Purple

Cute Purple
Image Source: Pinterest.com

Having some mysterious color scheme, purple has a tendency to make the room to have a strangely nice look. It definitely looks adorable, giving the kitchen cabinet with its magic color.

The kitchen is kind of breezy as it has good air ventilation that can be seen here with those windows and door installed. The upper cabinet is in white, and it does make a great compliment.

  • The island has a square shape and painted in cute purple too with its surface in neutral a color
  • You can see outside the kitchen that there’s a small garden that offers some greenery, which makes the kitchen has some good air quality

Dark Brown

Dark Brown
Image Source: makeit-loveit.com

Deep dark brown is chosen as the color of the cabinet. It looks stand out as the wall and ceiling are painted white, which makes the cabinet looks radiant. Silver door handles, a small detail added to the cabinet, adorn it a little bit.

The countertop resembles marbles and its shiny surface somehow that enhances the dark cabinet’s look up to a certain point. Some decoration of a lovely wreath is nicely hung on the cabinet, which makes a good addition to it


Image Source: Pinterest.com

It’s such a lovely color to be applied to kitchen cabinets. It looks so creamy that it will brighten your heart when seeing this cabinet. The wall above the stove is given a small ornament marks the middle area in the kitchen.

With those two antique and stunning lamps, this cream color scheme of the cabinet sure will look even more eye-catching. You should try this color when remodeling or repainting your kitchen.

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Kitchen cabinet color ideas take a big part in drawing your kitchen face as they are huge so that the color you apply will affect to the surroundings. What do you think about our kitchen cabinet color ideas? Leaves some comments here down below!

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