33 Different Types of Houses & Homes [Names, Pictures + Explanation]

TYPES OF HOUSES – Throughout history, people have actually produced shelters that fit their environments. With a universal collection of requirements in mind– including access to devices, availability of products, and also sort of climate– people from throughout the world frequently reinterpret, reimagine, and also redefine the concept of residence.

To a lot of us, a residence is a four-walled fixture on a permanent foundation. However, to others, it is a snowy sanctuary, a concealed cavern, or perhaps a drifting watercraft. There are numerous sorts of structures individuals from around the globe rest every evening. Some reside in huge, high contemporary buildings. Others oversleep a residence with wheels under it.

Types of Houses by Structure Type

Here, we explore these various sorts/types of houses by Structure Type with photos and also the explanations in order to recognize how and also why such a wide range of sanctuaries exist around the world. What sort of structure do you reside in? Leave it in the comment area below.

1. Single-family (detached) – Types of Houses

types of houses - single family detached
source: homestratosphere.com

80% of Americans reside in single-family residences. While it’s highly likely not that high in lots of various other nations, the single-family detached house is a quite demanded kind of home.

It’s a residence that is not connected to an additional residence in anyhow. It websites by itself building and also is totally different from various other houses. A lot of detached single-family houses lie in residential areas throughout North America. This sort of home blew up after World War II when there was a mass movement to the residential areas. Prior to WWII, just 13% of individuals stayed in residential areas. By 2010, half of the United States populace telephone call suburbia house.

Many people, since 2010, look for to reside in single-family houses, although with the child boomer generation downsizing, need for choices to single family residences is expanding (i.e. apartments, townhouses and also houses).

2. Types of Houses – Condominium

type of houses - condominium
source: homestratosphere.com

A condominium is a home among numerous within one building or collection of buildings on a piece of land. Each owner has title to the device. The structure is regulated by a chosen body (HOA in the United States/ Strata Council in Canada) that makes decisions in support of all unit owners and also possesses the common locations as well as land. They choose referring to maintenance, the premises, regulations, and so on

Duplex: A duplex condo describes a two story condo device, typically the result of signing up with 2 different units as well as remodeling them right into one larger unit or constructed that way from the start.
Triplex: Same as paired condo yet three levels.

The terms duplex and also triplex in the sense they are two or three flooring condos, stems for its usage in New York City. In other communities, duplex and triplex refers to 2 as well as 3 system structures side-by-side. As you could picture, there is intense discussion concerning the technological meanings, but in present jargon, the terms are defined in different ways in different areas.

Some structures that appear to be townhouses (row home layout) are technically condos since the proprietors just own the device and also not the common space.

3. Types of Houses – Apartment

types of houses apartment
source: stamfordadvocate.com

An apartment is a group of housing systems in one building all owned by one entity. To puts it simply, all the devices are had by one entity. The devices are after that rented to renters. This is the crucial difference between a condominium as well as an apartment. With an apartment, individual entities (i.e. individual or corporation) possess the devices, whereas with apartments, all the systems in the structure are had by one entity.

4. Co-op – Types of Houses

types of houses co-op
source: www.rent.com

A co-op is comparable in physical look and also function as an apartment as well as apartment or condo, however the economic and also lawful arrangement is different. With a co-op, each entity that gets in, doesn’t own a specific unit; rather they have a portion of the building. The owners belong to investors of the whole home and also technically lease their unit from the co-op.

What’s the advantage to a co-op over a condo? It boils down to the co-op organization (the co-op members) could reject a potential purchaser from buying into the structure. That claimed, they co-op organization could only decline on monetary basis and/or objection to comply with the rules set out by the association. An apartment HOA/strata could not deny a possible buyer as long as they fit within the guidelines (i.e. age constraints).

5. Townhome

types of houses townhome
source: larkenassociates.com

A townhome resembles a row residence sharing 1 or 2 wall surfaces. They are typically 2 or 3 tales high. Some climb also greater. They are various compared to a condominium because proprietors of a townhome very own both exterior and interior of the device and also are as a result economically in charge of upkeep of outsides. With apartments, the outside of the structure is kept by the governing body (HOA or Strata Council).

A townhome is extra like a single family home besides being connected to an additional device either on one or both sides.

6. Bungalow

types of houses bungalow
source: davidsmalldesigns.com

The bungalow is derived from small houses in India stemming from “Bengali house”. Actually, considering that the home style home with thick walls really did not operate in India, the bungalow was developed.

A bungalow is a little, square, single-story residence with front deck. The solitary flooring is elevated up with front steps preceeding the deck. Commonly there’s a solitary dormer window developed into an angled roof in the attic. These types of residences started being constructed in the USA in the early 1900’s. They’re discovered around the nation now. Nowadays, bungalows aren’t as well usual offered the propensity for much bigger houses. Additionally, with computer-aided style, simple designs are no longer essential to maintain prices lower.

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7. Ranch-Style – Types of Houses

types of houses ranch style
source: gbi-avis.com

A ranch style house (also known as rancher) is additionally a solitary story house, yet has a larger, rectangle-shaped footprint (as compared to a cottage). The ranch residence is a by-product of the large Spanish hacienda. Herdsmans expanded in appeal in the 1950’s as massive systems of land were become suburban areas with bigger stories compared to the common metropolitan plots.

8. Cottage

types of houses - cottage
source: www.wallawalla.org

The term cottage comes from England. While in today’s parlance it describes a tiny villa, traditionally it’s a small house with a high thatched roofing system, thick walls and also a solitary area.

In an odd twist of paradox, some rich people describe their holiday residential properties as “the cottage” which minimizes what is really a glamorous vacation home. For instance, often the stunning Newport, RI manors built by the Robber Barons are referred to as “homes” which in no chance appear like the conventional definition of a cottage.

Since there are a number of definitions to the term cottage, we include 3 photo instances:

Historic English cottage

types of houses Historic English cottage
source: homestratosphere.com

Small vacation cottage

types of houses Small vacation cottage
source: homestratosphere.com

Rhode Island cottage

types of houses Rhode Island cottage
source: homestratosphere.com

9. Cabin – Types of Houses

cabin house
source: homeaway.com.au

There is no actual consensus relating to the distinctions between a cabin and a cottage. Although, a cabin indicates straightforward, rustic and minimal while a cottage, in present usage, does typically describe an extra upscale getaway residence (however not historically).

Given that much of the difference boils down to point of view or recommended term, I such as the distinguishing elements set out by Vic91106 here. They set out 2 differences, which are:

Cabins are much less completed compared to homes. Homes are paintinged and decorated to a completed visual.

Cabins are always rural, whereas, a cottage can be rural or metropolitan.

Other people mention that a cabin, at the very least commonly, is a log-built structure.

10. Chalet House

chalet house
source: ovonetwork.com

Chalet comes from the frameworks that housed sheep as well as goat herders in Switzerland. Today it’s a villa, generally in the mountains. Since snowboarding is prominent worldwide, chalet often describes a villa where there is access to winter sports.

Nevertheless, a chalet, technically speaking, has particular design attributes. They consist of a high roof covering and long overhangs. This roofing system design is for managing heaps of snow.

11. Multi-family House

multi family house
source: homestratosphere.com

A multi-family house is one that has two or more real estate devices. It’s an umbrella term for a separated house with an in-law collection, apartment building, townhouse advancement, apartment structure, etc.

12. In-law suite (aka basement suite)

in-law suite aka basement suite
source: homestratosphere.com

Living in Vancouver, I’m aware of the in-law suite. Most brand-new houses include them. Lots of older homes have added them. Why? Because the 12 year property bubble has actually enhanced real estate costs a lot that many house owners should rent a portion of their home in order to pay for the area.

An in-law suite is a different unit constructed into a solitary family members house. Usually it’s in the basement, yet not constantly. It is, nonetheless, component of the solitary family members framework in contrast to being a different framework. A separate framework available for rent and/or guests drop under various terminology such as carriage residence or laneway house.

13. Carriage/Coach house

carriage house
source: homestratosphere.com

Our very first son was born while we lived in a carriage house. In fact it was a fairly new structure, but built as a different structure on a residential property with retail as well as workplace systems in a tiny beach area. It was a gorgeous little home, one we miss, however left for a larger residence with boy # 2 was born.

Carriage and coach houses are the same. Historically they are frameworks on a building constructed to house horse-drawn carriages. Ever since, many have been exchanged separate living systems that are rented or reserved for visitors.

While we not require such structures to house carriages, many new builds have actually such frameworks improved the residential property to generate added earnings for the homeowner and/or for visitor lodgings. As so frequently happens, the term carriage or coach house is still made use of also if never ever utilized as a such a framework traditionally.

14. Tiny Home

tiny home exterior
source: homestratosphere.com

A tiny home is a small home that could be fixed or be mobile that ranges in dimension from 100 to 400 sq ft. They are incredibly reliable in design and also design. They’re expanding in appeal as individuals scale down and/or seek to live home loan free. They set you back anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 depending on whether you construct it, it’s built for you and the products made use of.

tiny home interior
Tiny Home Interior – source: homestratosphere.com

15. Mobile Home

mobile home - type of houses
source: mobilehomeinsurancequotes.org

A mobile home is a mobile framework that could be lugged, but isn’t really developed for constant towing like a recreational vehicle. Mobile residences are integrated in a factory, pulled to the whole lot and also stay in position. They are affordable. There are mobile home parks where the mobile home is possessed by a person, however they rent out the whole lot or pad. In other instances, people live in mobile residences on home they own.

Manufactured Home

Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes are likewise constructed off-site and are buiilt on a steel structure with wheels. They are an even more contemporary version of the mobile residence. Here’s an instance:

16. Mansion – Types of Houses


A mansion is a big, elegant home. Interestingly, there is no legal meaning concerning just how big a residence must remain in order to be a mansion. Additionally, there isn’t really agreement within the real estate market either. I absolutely have my ideas on the issue though. Below it is.

I count on order for a house to be a mansion, it needs to go to the very least 12,500 square feet in dimension. Here’s exactly how I came up with 12,000 sq. ft.

In 1950 the ordinary residence size was a little under 1,000 sq. ft.

Today, the ordinary house dimension is 2,500 sq. ft.

That’s 2.5 times growth in size for the average home.

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In 1950, I suspect any kind of residence that was 5,000 sq. ft. was taken into consideration a mansion.

Because the average house size is currently 2.5 times larger, the dimension required for a the home of be a mansion needs to be in proportion. 5,000 x 2.5 equals 12,500 sq. ft.

Lots of recommend, also today, that a 5,000 sq. ft. house is a mansion. I do not agree. Several residences are 5,000 sq. ft. A mansion isn’t a size uncompromising; rather it’s a term to distinguish a residence from the typical house– something massive as well as elegant.

However, I do believe 5,000 sq. ft. could be a McMansion.

Historic mansion

Historic Mansion
source: homestratosphere.com

Contemporary Mansion

Contemporary Mansion
source: homestratosphere.com

17. McMansion

McMansion - types of houses

McMansion is a defamatory term for an improperly created, big home. Usually they’re built in large suburbs by a single programmer. They specific houses are a mishmash of architectural designs and attributes that serve no purpose and also wind up looking ridiculous or unneeded.

It’s not a technological or official kind of house, however it’s most definitely become a term in our parlance.

The best site that covers and also describes McMansion, is McMansion Hell. Not just is the website amusing, it’s very informative. You’ll discover a whole lot concerning style using mocking McMansions.

18. Yurt House

yurt home
source: rainier.com

In the past my spouse as well as I seriously considered purchasing a tract as well as getting a yurt. We would certainly be home loan totally free as well as have a comfortable residence.

The yurt is the key housing framework utilized by the Mongols in Mongolia. They are a nomadic individuals. Since yurts could be evacuated and also relocated easily, it’s a perfect type of residence for them.

A yurt is round. The wall as well as roof is a water resistant textile. While typical yurts are rather rustic, you can have customized yurts built with pretty much all the facilities of a routine house. While some individuals in The United States and Canada live in them year-around, other individuals have them as villa.

They vary in size from about 12 feet in diameter (115 sq. ft.) to 30+ feet in size (706 sq feet).

They are fairly low-cost to have actually developed.

19. Floating on Water Residence

floating home
source: homestratosphere.com

also known as Floating Home or Houseboat yet there are distinctions.

Vancouver, the city where I live, has floating on water homes. Seattle, Rose City and also San Francisco likewise have such alternatives. It is necessary to keep in mind that there are necessary distinctions amongst the 5 kinds of floating on water houses.

These kinds of houses are developed in a different way, have numerous moorage setups as well as are very controlled in each city. If you have an interest in such a home, it’s a great idea to involve a property representative that has substantial experience purchasing and also marketing such houses.

20. Tree House

tree house
source: homestratosphere.com

Few individuals opt to stay in a tree house, however they do exist. They’re homes integrated in trees; some are huge. Usually, they typically aren’t toenailed right into trees; the stilts as well as framework are constructed around the tree and also raised. They undoubtedly appear like enjoyable homes to reside in; they’re absolutely various.

21. Castle – Types of Houses

source: shannoncollegealumni.com

Of all the irregular kinds of houses that I would certainly enjoy to live in, a castle is primary on my listing. While I’ve not done a castle scenic tour, it gets on my bucket checklist without a doubt. I’m a history aficionado and so touring such essential historic frameworks that housed noteworthy historic people captivates me.

There are various kinds of castles that were built from very early midlifes via the 19th century. Their key objectives were to house and also safeguard.

Over the many hundreds of years that castles were built, their style developed.

22. Palace

pallace - types of houses
source: homestratosphere.com

While the term palace is often used instead of castle, a palace differs from castles because a palace’s primary feature is as a residence only; the weren’t built to defend. Rather, they were luxurious frameworks that housed nobility as well as the aristocracy. The homes often additionally housed federal government functions.

While I find castles extra intriguing, there are an excellent numerous royal residences I would certainly love to visit as well.

23. Chateau

source: homestratosphere.com

A chateau is a french term made use of to explain a private royal residence of types. It’s a lavish estate however does not offer any kind of state purpose. It’s a purely private home that’s really grand.

24. Villa

villa -types of houses
source: realista.com

A villa is the Italian variation of a chateau.

25. Manor

manor house

A manor is the English variation of a chateau.

26. Fort

source: homestratosphere.com

A fort is an army structure developed to defend as well as house army individual.

27. Underground House

underground house

While the term “bunker” refers to some type of air-raid shelter or protective sanctuary, some individuals do stay in underground residences.

28. Cave House

cave house

Historically, lots of people stayed in caves. It was a no-brainer offered it’s virtually turn-key in an unrefined means. Why construct a framework when one is basically developed for you naturally. That said, while lots of cave residences were unrefined, some societies created cities that were a substantial series of stunning cave residences.

cave house interior

Types of Houses by Construction Method

Another types of house category is the building and construction method. Nowadays you have numerous options in just how your residence is built. Right here they are.

1. Site-built home

site built home

Is a house that’s developed on-site. Most houses are constructed this way.

2. Prefab home

prefab home

A prefab home is the general term describing a residence constructed in a manufacturing facility, typically in items which are shipped to be constructed on-site. Some get here with exterior and interior totally completed while others need finishing job on-site.

3. Modular home

modular homes

A modular home is a kind of prefab home that’s integrated in a factory. The house is a series of modules or shucks that are secured with each other to create the entire house on-site.

4. Manufactured home

manufactured home

Also built off-site in a manufacturing facility on a steel framework. It’s transported in its totality or in sections to the website. They’re similar to mobile residences but look more like an actual house than the conventional mobile home.

5. Panel home

panel home

A house created of panels. The panels are constructed off website as well as assembled on-site.

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