30+ Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas on A Budget to Beautify Your Home

DIY Home Decor Ideas on a budget – Do you ever get that urge to do something for your home, to craft something. Anything that could make your home more beautiful, more customized. All it takes is one successful attempt at DIY home decor to get hooked and to want more so if you’ve already done this once you’re probably already looking for the next idea.

Creating your own decor is rewarding: you get the satisfaction of making it yourself and having it be the exact style you want. From wall art to lamps, you can choose which pieces fit your unique style and vision.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have a ton of cool home decor hacks and DIY projects and ideas just waiting for someone like you to turn them into reality. Scroll down and get inspired!

Antique Style Table

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Image Source: diycozyhome.com

This one might be a little too easy. All you need is a shelf and a paintbrush. Turn any floating shelf into a beautiful antique style table.

Simple Upcycled Furniture for Living Room 

Image Source: pinterest.com

Simple but awesome DIY home decor ideas on a budget for living room. Turn an old table into this unique and useful upcycled furniture.

Heart Photo Wall

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For easy DIY decor, print out favorite prints from the year and arrange them in a giant heart on your wall. Even better, swap out photos year after year to keep the decor feeling fresh.

Coffee Mug Rack

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Are you a tea or coffee lover? Create a space to hang your mugs by repurposing a wood pallet. Paint on a word like ‘café’ or ‘chai’ for a personalized touch.

Mason Jar Portraits

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Use a mason jar as a creative frame for your favorite photos. Take a small print and wrap it on the inside of a mason jar that you can easily swap out every month.

Diy Wall Lamp

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Image Source: shutterfly.com

Industrial vintage lamps add character to your walls and unique lighting to your space. Wrap jute around the lamp’s cord to foster a chic, artsy look.

Diy Floating Shelf

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Image Source: countryliving.com

Hang a floating shelf in your kitchen or living room for a cool and simple decoration.

Polaroid Gallery Wall

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Image Source: ajoyfulriot.com

Put a spin on a traditional gallery wall with square prints. Choose photos with rich colors, including candid shots from vacations and day trips.

Bamboo Orb Lights

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Image Source: shutterfly.com

Craft unique lanterns for your home office or bedroom with bamboo strips. Secure a lightbulb inside and attach your lantern to the ceiling using sturdy hooks.

String Art

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Image Source: homemadeinterest.com

In the shape of a heart, star or U.S. state, form string art using a series of nails and a wooden board. Choose a string color that matches the other decor in your room.

Diy Pet Art

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Image Source: wearwagrepeat.com

Transform round, metallic placemats into trendy wall art. Stencil an image of your dog or cat then fill in the design with black paint.

Suitcase Table

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Image Source: hearstapps.com

Vintage luggage adds both retro flair and clever storage to your home in three easy steps. Use them for stashing blankets or books at the foot of the bed.

Diy Floating Bookshelf

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Image Source: diyncrafts.com

Create a floating bookshelf out of books themselves. Creates an eye catching illusion that will appeal to your friends and family.

Print-Out Art

Surprising diy home decor wall art #diy #diyhomedecor #diycrafts #decoratingideas
Image Source: hearstapps.com

Dress up bare walls with a trip to the photo shop. Get a favorite shot digitally enlarged and then add strips of wood along the top and bottom as a quick frame.

Chic Tray

Glorious diy home decor project ideas #diy #diyhomedecor #diycrafts #decoratingideas
Image Source: hearstapps.com

Old cabinet door destined for the landfill? Don’t be so closed-minded! With paint and a pair of drawer pulls, a salvaged cabinet door makes a great tray for entertaining. Fill any holes in the board with wood filler from a hardware store; let dry at least two hours. Sand and paint the surface; pre-drill holes and screw in handles of about four inches, as shown.


Decorate your home with these easy and inexpensive do-it-yourself crafts and furniture projects that will totally refresh and beautify your spaces.

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