36+ Beautiful Bathroom Color Ideas – The Best No Fail Colors

Beautiful Bathroom Color Ideas – Now you can experience the same amount of luxury and comfort in your bathroom as you do in a spa with these soothing spas like bathroom color schemes. The color schemes that we provide are for sure inspiring and help you choose the perfect color palette that fits your style. Choosing the right kind of color scheme for your bathroom can make all the difference to how you feel while taking a bath.

The design and style of your bathroom play a significant role in deciding the perfect color for the walls. Keeping the space in mind is quite remarkable. You want the color of the walls to go with the overall look of your bathroom. Modern and sleek bathrooms with a vanity and a tub go perfectly with crisp whites, pretty pastels and bright, bold hues colors whereas traditional bathroom looks great in all colors.

Deciding on how the ceiling and the molding go with your color scheme can be quite overwhelming which is why most of the people go with white trims. White goes with every color and also gives a clean finish to the overall look and feel of the bathroom.

Bold colors bring out the walls in the bathroom and make a statement whereas the soft colors reflect light and give off a calming and soothing feeling. Changing the color of the bathroom from time to time adds life to the bathroom. Choosing the right color scheme can make a difference which is why you must give it a lot of consideration when redecorating or remodeling.

1. Beautiful Bathroom Color Ideas – Black and white

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The black and white color scheme is one of the most common color schemes that you will find in the market. White ceiling with marble floor and sinks goes perfectly in contrast with the shady black titles that cover the walls and matte black cabinets under the sink. It is the best color scheme to go with if you want to add elegance and style to your master bathroom.

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A more traditional black and white bathroom, with subway tile walls and black-and-white tiled floors.

2. All black bathroom color schemes

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Source: homify.com – High Line Penthouse, New York, NY

Some individuals love the color black so much that they want their whole bathroom space to have a black décor. Black titled or wallpapered walls in the bathroom make a bold statement. The white light chandeliers shine brighter with the black background and provide more light. The white basin and glassed shower with a black background give an elegant and graceful look to your bathroom.

3. All white bathroom color schemes

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Source: homify.com – Smoky Quartz

All white color scheme for you modern and sleek bathroom is a perfect choice. The white color of the walls reflects the light coming from the windows behind the bathtub and make bathing a relaxing retreat for you. The white color of the walls mingles with the elegant white marble floors and creates a soothing mood when you enter the bathroom.

4. Chocolate and cream

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The color scheme consisting of chocolate brown and cream is perfect for adding luxury to your bathroom. The brown tiles for the flooring, when paired with a chocolate brown and white patterned bath rug, gives off a cozy feeling when you step on it. The chocolate brown cabinets under the creamy sink tiles and silver fittings add a striking appearance to the whole design.

5. Cream and white

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The cream and white color scheme go perfectly for a traditional bathroom style that has a fitted vanity dresser and a small space. The light colors scheme will give a fresh look to your bathroom. Pair the blocked tiles on the walls with a white marbles floor to add a more traditional look and feel to your bathroom.

6. Amaranth and white

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White goes with all colors. Thus it is the most frequently used color for the floors in the bathroom. Amaranth, on the other hand, is a vibrant and bright color that is neither pink nor a shade of red but is in between the two, this isn’t too feminine or masculine at the same time.  The white and amaranth design on the shower curtains will add more life to the bathroom.

7. Cherry red and white

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The bright colored walls paired with an otherwise white bathroom are a perfect way to add spunk and boldness to your child’s bathroom. The Cherry red titled walls and the bright red carpets on the floor keep the bathroom seem appealing and attractive to kids. The color scheme also gives off a sparkling and hygienic feeling to the person entering the bathroom.

8. Mint and white

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If you are going for a fresh and light color scheme, then mint and white is a perfect choice. The color scheme suits small bathrooms better than larger ones as it attracts a lot of light and feels towards it. The wallpaper with the encircling print in white and a mint background makes the bathroom look more spacious and open.

9. Pale blue and white

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Traditionally people didn’t go with bold colors for their bathrooms. They preferred light and fresh colors that kept the bathroom alive and soothing. The traditional white bathtub paired with white vanity drawers and a mirror go perfectly with the pale blue walls. The white marble floors reflect the pale blue color of the walls and make the bathroom look more fresh and striking.

10. Coastal blue and white

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The coastal blue and white color scheme have a spa liking feeling to it. It gives a soothing and a refreshing feeling just like when you at the ocean. The white windows go perfectly against the coastal blue walls and luxury to your bathroom.  You can create a gorgeous spa-like space with mosaic tiles in coastal blue and white print covering the bathtub paired with a blue and white chair in front of a vanity.

11. Midnight blue and white

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A bathroom with white flooring and fixtures need a bold and striking color to go with which is why the midnight blue is perfect for a bathroom that gets a lot of light. The color changes its tone and appears as green, blue, grey and even black sometimes when the sunlight strikes on it, adding more luxury to your bathroom.

12. Warmed up grey-blue and white

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Light color schemes such as grey-blue and white appear alive and refreshing. These light colors can be warmed up with dark and complementing shades that go with all light colors such as orange and brown. Such colors give a natural look to your bathroom. The bronze vanity mirror on the wall and the orange burned flowers in the vase add the warmth that your bathroom needs.

13. Charcoal grey and white

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The charcoal grey and white color scheme for the bathroom is one of the most romantic schemes for couples that are decorating their master bathroom. The white fixtures of the bathroom such as the sink, the bathtub, and the toilet go perfectly against the moody charcoal grey. The silver fittings look striking against the hue background. The contrast looks beautiful with the grey marble floor.

14. Lavender and white

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Lavender and the white color scheme is perfect for you if you want to go with a light and sweeter version of a bathroom. The floating vanity shelf with a plain mirror paired with striking patterned wallpaper at the back attracts the eyes the moment you walk into the bathroom. The white titles coated with lavender touches look refreshing and energizing.

15. Rose pink and white

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The rose pink tile is trendy in the traditional households. Your grandma would dig the whole rose pink and white color schemed circa 1950 bathroom. The hue pink looks striking against simple white cabinets, storage spaces, and fittings. The scheme looks quite chic and trendy in a traditional household. The silver fittings reflect the hue pink color of the walls and make the traditional bathroom looks beautiful and cozy.

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Excited bathroom interior design ideas #bathroom #colorscheme #bathroomideas #bathroomdesign

Source: homedit.comA geometric tile floor adds warmth and personality without taking away from a white bathroom color scheme.{found on simonkennedy}.

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It should come as no surprise to anybody that this gorgeous doorless shower comes in its white-and-white color scheme. Love a wooden accent or two.

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Creamy whites are the foundation in this traditional bathroom, warmed up with some tasteful antique accessories and simple but sophisticated window treatments.

16. Turquoise, pink, and gold

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Design your bathroom with a combination of light and dark colors. The combination of turquoise, pink and gold is perfect for bathrooms that have no windows. The colors reflect the light coming out of the ceiling bulbs and brighten ups space. The turquoise cabinets paired with a golden bordered mirror and a pink shelf is perfect to carry out the combination.

17. The result is balanced and striking

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The trick behind choosing the perfect color schemes for your bathroom and making it appear striking is balancing the colors. The perfect way to add a soothing effect to your bathroom is to go with the natural colors. The combination of white fittings, trunk brown cabinets and lush green background paired with a small red striking tool for sitting is the best way to go with the natural look.

18. Brick red and forest green

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Another way to get the earthy look and feel for your bathroom is to go with the brick red and forest green color scheme. The green color adds the soothing effect to the whole space whereas the brick red color and brown cabinets are perfect for adding the warmth to your bathroom. The whole combination is not overwhelming but is appealing and looks eco-friendly as well.

19. Red, white, and black

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People who love to add meaning and statements in their designs go with bolder and dark colors. The combination of red, white and black is preferred in modern bathrooms.  The ceiling and floor covered with white square tiles are paired with black textured walls that go entirely against the striking red fittings. The overall design is luxurious and looks chic in modern households.

20. Pink, white, and black

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If you are planning on having a chic girly bathroom and an adult bathroom at the same time then this combination of pink, white and black color is perfect for you. The pink and white damask flowered wallpapers on the walls paired with white fittings and black fixtures and vanity mirror add a spark to the whole space. The black and white chess like flooring gives it a more striking appearance.

21. Cream and golden metallics

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The epitome of luxury, golden decorating touches add a gorgeous element to a soft cream bathroom. Metallics used in this way work best when kept to individually slim profiles, so as not to overwhelm the space or appear gaudy.{found on architecturaldigest}.

22. Black and light

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While “light” isn’t necessarily a color, it’s used fantastically here as a component of the overall bathroom color scheme. Black walls, floor, and ceiling create a cozy surround of a bathroom space, but exposed hanging light bulbs and undermount lighting keep the potential dark-space-discomfort far, far at bay.

23. Warm grey neutrals

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Varying shades of the same color, such as this bathroom’s warm grey color scheme, provides depth and visual interest while keeping the room cohesive and soothing. Importantly, plenty of reflective surfaces keep the organic color scheme from feeling somber.{found on garyleepartners}.

24. Black and grey

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This traditional bathroom gets a contemporary twist with a counter sink and classic details. Pale grey marble countertops and tile add a seamless cohesion to the entire space, while black cabinetry grounds it all.

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Source: homedit.com

25. Gray and white bathroom color schemes

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Source: homedit.com – Richman Duplex Apartment, New York

When it comes to bathroom color trends, 2018 is definitely the year of gray, mainly because it is enjoying such popularity in every other room of the house as well. Once a living room trend is established, bedrooms and kitchens quickly follow suit and finally, bathrooms get in on the action as well, which is why gray is so hot right now, in terms of self-care spaces.

The most popular way to integrate gray into a bathroom is to mix it with white, to create a fresh and relaxing vibe, but if an accent color for gray and white bathroom spaces is needed, homeowners will be spoilt for choice. Both gray and white are considered to be neutral hues and work with every other shade.

26. Beige bathroom color schemes

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Source: homedit.com – Seidenberg House

Beige and dark wood are a match made in heaven, especially when a sophisticated, classic and yet contemporary bathroom is wanted. Beige is such a warm neutral tone that it simply radiates out a calming and zen aesthetic that is absolutely perfect for a bathroom, where rest, recuperation and a little indulgence should all be experienced. By adding dark wood elements as well, the simplicity of beige is given a little more depth and richness, leading to a fantastically expensive looking finish.

27. Denim blue bathroom color schemes

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Denim blue is a very particular shade and is currently enjoying a serious surge in popularity, especially in terms of bathroom design. We suspect that’s because it works so well with warm metallics, such as gold, rose gold and copper, all of which are VERY on-trend right now.

Deep and eye-catching, but somehow cool enough to be timeless, denim blue is not so much a fashion color as a staple of interior design and it’s great news that it has reached bathrooms at last!

28. Black and white bathroom color schemes

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Source: homify.com – Apartment Remodel on West 52nd St.

No two colors work quite so well together as black and white, but it is still thought to be a bold decision to install such an aesthetic into a bathroom. We don’t see why, as it looks expensive, beautiful and eminently classy! Enjoying a striking contrast, black and white, when used together, can really pick out every nuance of a room and put them to good use and moreover, polished hardware is a natural companion as well.

29. Summer bright bathroom color schemes

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Source: homify.com – Interior remodelling

One of the most exciting bathroom paint schemes to be enjoying serious popularity in 2018 is a combination finish, with summery brights all being combined together to create a vibrant and happy look. Pastel pink is proving to be exceptionally fashionable right now, particularly when combined with sunshine yellow, denim blue and a little black, for contrast. Reminiscent of retro designs from the 60s, this use of multiple colors is a funkier take on ‘normal’ bathrooms and we think they work very well in family homes, where little ones might need some gentle encouragement to enjoy bath time!

30. Gold bathroom color schemes

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Source: homify.com – Dutchess County Residence, Amenia, NY

In terms of stylish bathrooms that are on-trend in 2018, all that glitters really is gold! Warm, reflective and so upmarket, using gold in the bathroom will always lead to a luxurious and sumptuous finish that makes every shower or bath feel as though it is being enjoyed in a five-star hotel. Iridescent tiles are a wonderful way to tap into the gold rush and work shockingly well with all manner of other colors and materials too, to allow for a scheme that is as subtle or striking as each individual homeowner wants.


What’s your favorite (or least favorite) bathroom color scheme?

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