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Good food can maintain a good relationship within the family. That is why people say the kitchen is the heart of the home. But some people still find it difficult to make the kitchen tidy because they have no idea how to make a mind-blowing kitchen pantry design ideas.

No doubt, every person who loves to spend in the kitchen needs well-organized storage. It is essential to help you find everything while cooking or just craving for snacks. It is up to you to determine what kind of stuff that needs to be stored in the kitchen.

1. First Thing First: Separate It or Not?

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Before taking you further, you have to decide it now: whether you want to keep pantry and kitchen in one room or separate it? It depends on what type of kitchen you have and what kind of pantry that you want.If your kitchen is dominant for Asian food, better to separate it. But if you use the kitchen only for cereal or coffee, it’s good to combine it in one room.

2. Buy vs. Build?

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There are always two options if you want to decorate your home: buy it or build it? If you don’t have to call the expert one, it is okay to choose to buy. The free-standing pantry is available everywhere, both online and offline.

If you need a little bit custom but still have no reference on a good carpenter, buy semi-custom kitchen pantry cabinet can be a better option.

3. Show Your Pantry Off

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A pantry is not identical with something beautiful to be shown off. Change this mindset by decorating your pantry into something you will be proud to show it off.

Make your own lavish showcase with a big broken white shelf combined with a set of the white pocket doors will be perfect. If you are not a big fan of white palette, try another pastel color. To make it contrast, use dark color ceramic for the floor to dramatize the effect.

4. Walk-In Pantry

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To make a walk-in pantry, try to figure out how to include that pantry toward the existing cabinet. You can find many pantries out there that are a small room consist of a room.

Just in case you have a thing like this, take out this room and include the pantry toward the layout of the cabinet. So you can leave the walk-in part unscathed and conceal the pantry door to be the part of the cabinet.

5. Give Me Some Vintage Vibes

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Some people are so in love with anything old stuff. If your house has vintage touched finishing, make pantry which the concept is in line. It’s because pantry is not necessarily covered up in pop culture.

A personally custom door and shelves is a must. Put some fretwork around the door to strengthen the mood of vintage. Pay attention to the shelf legs. Don’t use the ordinary one. Buy some which have uniquely shaped like an old school furnishing.

6. Put Off the Door of Your Pantry

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It has quite the same purpose to show off, what kind of stuff you keep inside the pantry. But the good point is, you can have popped up racks or storage because nothing can deter its way.

Make a door-less pantry is good indeed. But remember that is easily getting dusty. Particularly if you choose a white or bright color, you will need extra effort to clean it up every day, as long as it’s eye-pleasing, why not?

7. Add Sliding Shed Door

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A sliding door can be an alternative to make a bigger space without losing the sense of beauty. Even you cannot put the rack on the door, but at least there will be an extra space for one more shelf on the pantry room.

It is also the smartest way to make a smaller walk-in pantry. You don’t need a super big room. As long as you use floating open shelves, all your stuff will fit nicely like in a supermarket.

8. Make a Grouping for Similar Stuff

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Don’t place groceries that are easily decayed together with any other food like snacks, jams, or cereal. Put the raw food better in the kitchen if you choose to separate the room or just on another shelf if in one room.

If you are a sloppy person to find some small stuff like favorite spoon or seasoning for cooking, place all food in the same region. Also same thing with seasoning, bake supplies, et cetera. It helps you to find everything easier.

  • Use transparent storage to make it clear what is inside the storage. Save your time to search one item by opening the bins one by one
  • Pick one of these options: sort everything based on similar items or based on what you use together. Make a classification for your tea bags, coffee bean, canned veggies, soup cans, biscuits, sweet, granola, or any other after-school snacks.
  • Even though your effort to storing everything in transparent storage, it will help you a lot if you put a label on storage. Just to make sure you won’t miss anything.

9. Put the Food in Storage Container

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Do you always go shopping for groceries every day? How you keep those groceries on the kitchen, is it still in the original packaging or you moving into another storage container?

If you choose the second one, you will be in one step closer to get the organized pantry real. It is the kitchen pantry design ideas 101 to make your pantry prettier. Ways even better if you have matching jars for every item of groceries.

10. Save Some Space with Pop Drawers

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No matter how big your house and how large your pantry is, you always need some extra space, don’t you? Think what you have to do to make your stuff inescapable get pushed to the back of your pantry?

Put drawers inside your pantry. It is not only making everything looks tidy but also give finessed touch for your entire look of the pantry. You have to measure it carefully to make sure your stuff fits into the drawer.

11. Get Help from Rolling Hamper

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What is the first thought crossed your mind when somebody said about rolling hamper? Anything related to laundry? Yes, you are not wrong but not totally correct.

Rolling hamper also can be used for your lovely pantry. People who come to the pantry are not directly seen what is it inside but the cuteness of this hamper can blow your mind. Buy more than one rolling hamper, especially in a different shape. Make it like your pretty unorthodox showcase.

  • You can put a snack here, as long as it is perfectly sealed and dry. Keep it dry, safe, but still cute at the same time
  • Lay your apron, cooking book, towel, or the cleaning stuff here. Want to place another heavy stuff like pans and pots? Usually, rolling hamper is made from sturdy material so it can hold the weight

12. Pull the Storage Out

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Even it looks quite similar, but actually, it is different. It is still storage instead of an additional drawer. It is the best answer for those people who still think that the only house which can have a pantry is the big one.

Use this kind of storage to make every stuff can be placed tidy but doesn’t need excessive space. Pull out the storage every time you need something.

13. Get the Lids on the Pantry’s Door

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Maybe it is a piece of cake to think about how to organize your pans and pots, but how about the lids? It can be a problem especially if the height of your selves only suitable with pans and pots but not with the lids.

To make it beautifully arranged, get a rack for your door to give additional space for the lids. Indeed it is another way to maximize the space but still accessible to get through on it.

14. Open Shelves for another Solution

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Still struggling to organize everything with narrow space? Don’t push yourself too hard by insisting to put a big pantry shelf. Instead of shelves with a door that is not suitable for your room, choose the open shelves are the best choice.

You do not need to use hinges for doors. The point plus is, all the stuff is visible and it will make you easier to search for anything you need.

There are some tips to pick the best open shelves:

  • Pick the neutral color for the wall and shelves. This color will make your space looks bigger: white, gray, blue pastel. Use a coat of paint in the proper color is like give a little inside the dark room.
  • Prepare every jar, bin, or basket in similar looks. It offers a pleasing eye-catching effect and makes everything looks nice.
  • Where is the best place to store the open shelves? Use a corner space in every possible place. It can be in the kitchen or dining room. Run the shelves in the entire wall. It will make your wall more useful than ever.
  • Even though it sounds old school, but put the open shelves above the sink will never go wrong. The items that suitable in this place are the one which can resist the humidity because of the sink.

15. Tiered Shelves to Make It Crystal Clear

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Storing many of the same size jars sometimes can ruin your process before cooking. It is hard to see the jars in the behind because the front jars block out your visual.

Imagine if every day you have to rummage those shelves, no wonder if cooking becomes something you avoid.

To solve this problem, buy tiered shelves for a neat method of kitchen pantry design ideas. It because you have visual on each label that is written on the jars.

16. A Little Pegboard Won’t Hurt

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Even though you don’t face any trouble in placing items and the remaining space still exists, use a pegboard still give you advantage. It is the number one favorite tool of home organizers. It is because of the easiness to reach something without ruin anything.

You have to try this by hanging cooking tools as well as eating utensils together and still looking nice. No need to frisk the drawer. It’s recommended for who is always impatient in searching for something.

17. Chalkboard for Your Pantry Door

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If you always make a shopping list before go to the grocery store, a chalkboard will help you. You only need to jot the grocery list on the pantry door.

The other stead is, you are not the only person who knows the grocery list. Your partner can help you to control the stock of groceries and remind you every time you want to go shopping.

Let your kid gives you a love note in this chalkboard too!

18. Add Some Bright Color

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Who says pantry is always about white? It is a big yes for you if you want to be brave in mixing color. Paint the shelves, wall, and door with solid blue and combined it with a wooden floor will give you an amazing feeling. It can recharge your energy during cooking session thanks to the color palette.

Make matching jars, bottles, storage, and bins. If you pick solid blue, try the smoother one like blue pastel for other trinkets.

19. Pretty Wallpaper Will Jazz up the Room

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Besides the bright colorful paint that you can choose, you also can use wallpaper to make it more interesting. If your ultimate purpose is to show off that pantry toward your best friend, this is the biggest chance to do that.

But, it will be better not to choose wallpaper with big pattern or motives. Instead of good, the entire pantry will look too crowded. Pick the softer one to make it proportional.

20. Pantry Shelving Measurments

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All-white pantry design with measurments to help you DIY your pantry shelving.

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We try to make the kitchen pantry design ideas as practical as possible. Since we understand how stressful it is to handle tiny messy stuff. But we believe a good pantry can make you, who have to cook every day, are able to smile happily because one problem’s done.

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