20+ Cool Bathroom Remodeling Ideas that Will Inspire You

Bathroom Remodel Ideas – Beautiful bathrooms add so much value to a house, so if you’ve been thinking about renovating a bathroom – now’s the time. Find inspiration and design tips on bathroom renovation ideas for whatever your budget may be.

As the saying goes, “kitchens and bathrooms sell homes.” But even if your home isn’t on the market, a beautifully remodeled bathroom with modern fixtures and finishes provides a pleasant environment in which to get ready for work, prepare for a night on the town or simply get away from it all and relax.

To get your imagination going about possibilities for changing your bathroom around, here are a few jobs or projects you can do to create the bathroom of your dreams:

1. Painting the walls and ceiling

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A lovely blue and white bathroom full of character and detail. Love the wallpapered ceiling and high gloss painted walls. Design by Shaun Smith Home – wallpaper – Raphael by Sandberg

Involves putting two coats of at least a semi-gloss paint that can withstand heavy moisture.

2. Replacing the sink or sink fixtures

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Replace your bathroom sink’s faucet with a larger, kitchen-size version to give the fixture a unique, bespoke feel.

Involves removing any caulking around the edges and shutting off the water, so you can look at the pipes underneath the sink.

3. Replacing the countertop

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I chalk painted my bathroom countertops! I actually love my chalk paint laminate countertops, they are a fast solution to replace bathroom counters! Check out this easy chalk paint countertops tutorial! Great home renovation idea, super affordable bathroom remodeling idea.

4. Replacing tub or shower hardware

Terrific 1950 bathroom remodel ideas #bathroom #bathroomremodel #bathroomideas #bathroomdesign
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custom built tile showers | … tile and gold trim glass is replaced with customize built tile shower.

Can generally be done in an hour, but be sure to get hardware that fits your existing pipes

5. Putting tile on the walls or floor

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Marble tile shower with bench and sprayer is a great move for the #aginginplace #silverspaces

This job takes a long time but is not too difficult for amateurs. The bathroom will be unusable while tile is being put in.

6. Installing a backsplash for the bathroom sink

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Tile splash back all the way up. A backsplash is decorative tiling that may go in more quickly because it is smaller.

7. Installing a new toilet

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New Grout and Tile Create Fresh Bathroom. This can be done by an amateur, but it requires two or more people to lift and place the toilet while affixing it to proper pipes. The water will need to be turned off.


Marvelous galley bathroom remodel ideas #bathroom #bathroomremodel #bathroomideas #bathroomdesign

This rundown bath got an inexpensive makeover with some paint and a new faucet!

8. Replacing old metal pipe with PVC pipe

Delight bathroom remodel design app #bathroom #bathroomremodel #bathroomideas #bathroomdesign
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Industrial style in the bathroom #bathroom #industrial #style

The water will need to be turned off. Make sure you get the right size pipes as well as the right adapters.

9. Caulking or re-caulking edges around sink or tub

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How To Caulk A Bathtub. This can be done in an hour. Make sure you get bathroom-grade caulk.

10. Regrouting existing tile

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Existing Bathroom Upgraded. This may take longer than you think. It is often done in tandem with re-caulking edges around tile.

11. Add Wall Sconces On Each Side Of The Mirror.

Unforgettable bathroom remodel ideas white #bathroom #bathroomremodel #bathroomideas #bathroomdesign
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Andrew Howard interior Design Amazing bathroom with white beadboard walls framing rectangular driftwood mirror flanked by marine sconces over marble top sink and vanity with polished nickel wall-mounted faucet set. Bathroom features stacked tortoise shells in shadow boxes over toilet and hardwood floors.

12. Refinish Your Outdated Tub

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This bathtub was outdated, chipped and very difficult to clean. Miracle Method refinished the tub and tile in just 3 days at a fraction of the cost of replacement and the grout lines are all sealed in, making it easy to clean!

13. Installing A Handheld Sprayer

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