27+ Best Bathroom Mirror Ideas to Enhance Your Bathroom

Adding one or two mirrors in the bathroom is crucial because there are tons of benefits you can acquire by doing so. These days, many people love to have unique bathroom mirror ideas with a variety of shapes and sizes.

It’s only natural because they want to spice up the bathroom with something that can make them happy when inside, and that’s where the idea of having bathroom mirrors with fabulous design comes from.

Not only does it make the bathroom look pretty, but it also completes the essence of decoration. Imagine entering the bathroom without seeing a mirror there. That’ll be weird as you want to check your look after taking a shower.

Best Style Ideas for Bathroom Mirrors


1. The Couple

The Couple bathroom mirror ideas
Image Source: architecturemedia.net

Although there are lots of styles and designs you can choose from for your mirror ideas, some people tend to have old-fashioned ones as seen from these mirrors.

The owner, I believe, has a keep-it-simple slogan when it comes to decorating a room, especially a bathroom. This style looks simple but has beauty in it with subway tile walls as a perfect background for the mirrors.

2. Show the Beauty

Show the Beauty bathroom mirror ideas
Image Source: smartsrl.net

It’s a very common occurrence when we see a mirror with a perfect and nice frame that has a sleek finish. But, this one is absolutely an exception. The frame is presented with a little bit of rough form, which shows its unique side.

Its huge size allows your full body to be seen and creates an illusion that makes the bathroom looks a little wider than it actually is. This can be a good idea to have a decorating mirror.

3. Apply Dark Color

framing bathroom mirror ideas for decor diy frame framed mirrors home illuminated bath small
Image Source: freesilverguide.com

The color really plays a crucial role in literally everything if you talk about redecorating your home. Every part in the house could really be influenced by what color it applies.

It can also create a certain nuance that makes you feel comfortable in it. Dark brown is a color that won’t be too daring to look at. It brings a calm atmosphere, instead. The mirror surely matches the color scheme, and it forms a wonderful blend with white hues.

4. Add Flower

Adorable Design Bathroom Mirror Ideas Decorations with Two Preety Lamp above Beautifull Flower
Image Source: trabahomes.com

If you have a fairly compact bathroom, a small mirror is required. With this wooden framed mirror, the bathroom will have a pretty look when combined with a pair of beautiful lamps and flowers on both sides.

They’re lovely additional stuff to add to it. The frame has a rack on which you can put bathroom items or accessories. Its color quite makes a splash as it’s in a dark hue, which is a contrast to the entire bathroom.

5. Artsy Mirrors

Artsy Mirrors mix and match circles
Image Source: freshome.com

When you fancy having something that’s a little bit different than any other mirror idea, this one would hopefully impress you. It has many mirrors of different sizes that make it have a nice view to look at.

The arrangement of the mirrors itself is really attractive. It was the right choice to put the biggest one in the middle of the vanity. With tiny green tiles, the wall brings a calm look as green creates harmony with a white hue.

6. Lighting Is Crucial

white framed bathroom mirror elegant best ideas reflect your style
Image Source: freesilverguide.com

This all-white bathroom has a breathtaking mirror. It’s relatively huge with a white frame that almost covers the entire wall. The bathroom features three beautiful bulbs with long cables, making them look like pendant lights.

You won’t have any issues about vision here even when you turn the lights off as there’s a window that provides an excessive amount of natural light. Not to mention those beautiful flowers on it.

7. Stay Classic

Stay Classic bathroom mirror ideas
Image Source: cachecrazy.com

Something that’s unique is often described to have a distinctive shape or pattern, but to some people; it can have a different meaning. It may have an ordinary look, but this antique appearance is obviously what makes the mirror unique.

Adding those souvenirs and lamps gives strong influence that elevates the classic feel in this bathroom. A decoration on the wall seems to agree with that idea, too. It enhances the antique look to some extent with its decorative shape.

8. Golden Ornament

Golden Ornament unique gold sun mirror
Image Source: tvambienti.si

A mirror can literally be decorated with anything as long as you find it attractive and improve the current look in the bathroom. Here you have a stunning, oval mirror with pretty adornment on it.

The floral background is chosen to blend with the golden sticks over the mirror and I think it’s kind of interesting. If you think that the mirror appears to be small but you actually need something that’s much bigger, you can alter it with a bigger one, of course.

A spacious room can have a huge mirror if necessary, and it’s not wrong. You can clearly see your reflection in the mirror, and it also is a smart move in order to make the bathroom brighter and wider.

9. Shining Finish

Shining finish - Bathroom Mirror Ideas
Image Source: myvinespace.com

A beautiful frame will make the mirror has something more to offer, just like this picture. It has a shiny finish that makes it fabulous. The frame has a stunning shape that looks like diamonds.

This can be an alternative other than wood. The wall is in dark to make a contrast and to highlight the frame. Some souvenirs with glossy appearance can also be put there to increase the look of the shiny appearance.

10. Thin Frame

Thin Frame stunning bathroom mirror ideas for single sink and diy vanity as wells amusing
Image Source: gjcleverley.com

A modern mirror style tends to look simple and minimalist. This kind of idea fits for a small bathroom. The mirror has a square shape with a thin black frame. You wouldn’t feel the bathroom is cramped as it has sufficient lighting that reflects from the mirror itself.

  • There’s a partition wall made of glass that appears from bottom to ceiling.
  • Besides the partition, you can see a wall with stunning mosaic tiles that look striking with a colorful surface.
  • It looks clean, clutter-free, and will make you comfortable enough in it.

11. Golden Feature

Golden Feature bathroom mirror dreamland
Image Source: shutterfly.com

A lovely frame is used as an effective means by many to adorn the look of a mirror. When you have a regular mirror shape, the way to elevate it is by creating a nice frame to draw people’s attention.

This mirror is certainly for you who want little additional stuff to the bathroom but not too much. It stays simple but includes a coordinating aspect by having the same golden feature. The rest will be to set the background that goes along with the mirror.

You can get the Hamilton Hills mirror (22”x30”) on Amazon.

12. Go Frameless

bathroom vanity light mirror modern paint colors scandinavian shower design wall mirrors
Image Source: freesilverguide.com

Bathroom mirror ideas have been changing through time. And that’s great because it means you can get some new inspiration from the change. A modern mirror idea comes with a variety of designs, shapes, or ornaments as well.

While an old-fashioned mirror idea usually has a frame, this frameless mirror is one of many examples of modern mirror styles. It’s focused on giving the entire room full coverage with its massive size.

13. Wonderful Design

Wonderful Design bathroom shelf below mirror best of a modern bathroom with natural stone accent wall and pendant lights of bathroom shelf below mirror
Image Source: extremotuxtla.com

This bathroom mirror may have a regular square shape. But, look at the floating vanity! It makes the bathroom to have a great combination of unique and modern. From this point, you can tell that this is a no amateur job.

It’s precisely designed by a pro, judging by how beautiful and organized the place is. The wall is concrete, whereas the floor is granite. The wooden floating is equipped with a lovely sink and a pair of pendant lights that make it perfect.

14. Stunning Oval Mirror

Stunning oval bathroom mirrors
Image Source: decorsnob.com

Who on earth wouldn’t fall in love with this breathtaking bathroom? It’s a palatial one with a pair of beautiful oval mirrors. It is dominated by two main colors: white and dark brown. What a match of colors!

Amazon has a similar product that you can purchase. There are lots of stunning bathroom mirror ideas with multiple shapes and sizes there that you can fit with the bathroom.

When choosing one, you may want to take the size and price into consideration. Does it fit the bathroom? Does it elevate the look? Is it affordable for you?

Check Price on Amazon – Oval Bathroom Mirrors for Wall

15. Mirror Medicine Storage

modern bathroom mirror with glass medicine storage idea feat luxurious white area rug and pedestal sink design
Image Source: avenuem.me

You could get two jobs done at one time with this mirror storage. It doubles as great storage for everyday medicine and a mirror. You can save some more space and it makes the bathroom have a minimalist look.

You can get it on Amazon, the link is down below. There are some examples of the real stuff you can check yourself and see whether they’re likable or not.

But, if it isn’t available in your country, just make it yourself! It requires skill, though. So, if you’re not sure of how to do it, get one customized.

Mirrored Bathroom Medicine Storage Cabinet – Check Price Amazon

16. Stick It on the Wall

rectangular tiles frame large recessed mirror reflecting
Image Source: freesilverguide.com

This is another straightforward mirror idea. The bathroom is pretty shallow, but it is fairly high. It has a monochromatic vanity with an ample countertop and a white basin.

  • There’s a small window above the toilet which you can use to let the light shine through.
  • The mirror itself is firmly attached to the terracotta wall. It looks nice with the mint color scheme as the background.
  • With a huge vanity, you can store items needed inside. This is the essence of having a vanity with huge storage.

17. Shining Oval Mirror

Shining Oval Mirror
Image Source: brasswindow.com

You may want to observe this bathroom first. This one is certainly one of a kind. It’s a bathroom with a circular mirror design that literally shines from the inside. This is a particular feature that you’ll find in a modern bathroom.

If you happen to look for a similar sink, check this one out! The link below will lead you to a beautiful vessel sink with the same hue. You can also see other similar products on Amazon.

18. Dark Vanity and Stone Wall

Dark Vanity and Stone Wall
Image Source: cachecrazy.com

What a beautiful bathroom! The mirror is centered in the middle of the stone wall. It brings joy just by looking at it. The vanity is equipped with double sinks. The storage has a metal door handle that spices the dark vanity up a bit.

Wide tiles play a big role in creating the trick of a larger room. The natural stone color also brings comfortable vibes here. To adorn the vanity more, you can add some souvenirs, just like in this picture.

19. Looking Appealing with Flowers

Looking Appealing with Flowers unique bathroom mirror ideas for a small bathroom of bathrooms designs restaurant bathroom design small luxury bathroom
Image Source: guizwebs.com

The main theme of this bathroom is a natural look. The natural look applied here gives a big impact. The wall doesn’t only have a natural look, but it also has an adorable pattern that will make you can’t take your eyes off of it.

The frameless mirror is accompanied with some beautiful white flowers in front of it. It leaves an even stronger aesthetic appearance. The floor with neutral surface seems to match with the entire room.

20. Surprising Form

creative mirror design
Image Source: home-designing.com

This mirror surely is out of this world in terms of form. Its unusual shape alone will be enough to take your attention for a while. The designer might take quite some time in the making process, but the result is worth it.

  • The bathroom has two different floors: one is the wooden floor, while the other one is ceramic.
  • The glass wall with dark frame and sliding door are set to reach the white ceiling.
  • The wooden floor is in plain form as well as the vanity, whereas the wall is painted in white.

21. Striking Hexagonal Floor

Striking Hexagonal Floor rectangular bathroom mirrors
Image Source: contemporist.com

Twin mirror always makes a good appearance in a bathroom due to its look that’s identical. Those mirrors represent the life of a couple when one can’t be separated with the other one – it would be weird and feel incomplete.

The hexagonal floor tiles turn the floor to be something beautiful and really enhance the overall look. The white tiles wall and some unique adornment between the mirrors are a clever choice to be added in the bathroom.

22. Beauty in Simplicity

Large Bathroom Mirrors Ideas
Image Source: thrashersoperahouse.com

Beautiful doesn’t have to be complicated. It can simply be created from something simple. This mirror, for example, is definitely far from anything that’s called complex. It only has one big mirror with white vanity and a stunning neutral wall.

Full Length Centered Mirror

Brilliant bathroom mirror designs pakistani #bathroom #mirror #vanity #bathroomdesign #bathroomremodel #bathroomideas
Image Source: sebringdesignbuild.com

Love the full-length mirror in the center of this vanity. This is such a pretty area.

Puzzle Style Frame

Astounding bathroom mirror ideas photos #bathroom #mirror #vanity #bathroomdesign #bathroomremodel #bathroomideas
Image Source: sebringdesignbuild.com

This puzzle mirror by Jonathan Alder is a geometric design made of solid brass. Definitely an alluring focal point in this bathroom.

Light In The Dark

Wonderful bathroom mirror shelf ideas #bathroom #mirror #vanity #bathroomdesign #bathroomremodel #bathroomideas
Image Source: pinterest.com

Beautiful Round Mirror

Striking bathroom mirror frame ideas pinterest #bathroom #mirror #vanity #bathroomdesign #bathroomremodel #bathroomideas
Image Source: mydomaine.com

Looking for something to admire beyond your own reflection? Try treating your bathroom mirror as wall art to strike a balance between fashion and function. This mirror’s three-dimensional illusion is a playful nod to Op Art, and you can’t help but smile when you look into it.

Hanging Mirror Style

Sensational bathroom mirror and shelf ideas #bathroom #mirror #vanity #bathroomdesign #bathroomremodel #bathroomideas
Image Source: pinterest.com

Open concept small bathroom vanity idea. Technically, most mirrors are hung on the wall. However, suspending the mirror from a visible rope or wire is a great way to add an element of interest. You can choose from a variety of materials to hang the mirror, such as a thick rope to create a nautical theme or wire for a more modern, industrial vibe — just be sure it’s secure.

Ornate Gilt Mirror

Delight bathroom double mirror ideas #bathroom #mirror #vanity #bathroomdesign #bathroomremodel #bathroomideas
Image Source: pinterest.com

Beautiful white orchards in the bathroom, ornate gilt mirror.

Trifold Mirror

Fantastic bathroom sink mirror ideas #bathroom #mirror #vanity #bathroomdesign #bathroomremodel #bathroomideas
Image Source: sebringdesignbuild.com

What a great functional trifold mirror in this contemporary bathroom.

Mix And Match

Glorious bathroom over mirror lighting ideas #bathroom #mirror #vanity #bathroomdesign #bathroomremodel #bathroomideas
Image Source: pinterest.com

Try mixing and matching different mirrors above a double vanity to give the space a bit of personality.

Unique Design

Eye-opening bathroom mirror designs pictures #bathroom #mirror #vanity #bathroomdesign #bathroomremodel #bathroomideas
Image Source: pinterest.com

Unique and unpredictable design for a bathroom mirror. Mirror Frame Ideas & Bathroom Mirror Ideas.

Colorful Mirror – Fit With Around

Excited bathroom mirror backsplash ideas #bathroom #mirror #vanity #bathroomdesign #bathroomremodel #bathroomideas
Image Source: pinterest.com

This gorgeous green-and-white bathroom is a preppy dream! Two mirrors and a double vanity make it easy for a pair of people to prepare for their day. Farmhouse-style fixtures light up the space, while a blue-and-white throw rug provides a bright contrast to the kelly green cabinets and accents.


Bathroom mirror ideas will pretty much add the value of the bathroom in a way it makes you feel delighted when washing your face or looking at the mirror after taking a bath.