What are the Names of Minions Characters? Complete List with Pictures

Minion Names – I assume everybody knows that or what the minions are now. They are a development that will stay in our hearts for several generations as a result of their extraordinary cuteness.

No matter, here is a description:

Minions are small yellow creatures showcased in Despicable Me as well as Despicable Me 2 (they are definitely one of the most unforgettable personalities in both movies). They are shaped rather like tablets and can have either one or two eyes.

What are the Names of Despicable Me Minions Characters?

“Despicable Me”, “Despicable Me 2”, “Minions” and also “Despicable Me 3”– these are the 3D Cartoon animations got appeal amongst people where Minions are the most Typical personalities. There are various kinds of minion characters in these flicks. People are a lot more left to know the Minions Labels Listing along with their charming pictures.

They are naïve and also impulsive creatures with little self-constraint. However, their dewy-eyed marvel as well as innocence have actually endeared them to viewers around the globe. People could connect to them in some way as well as cannot aid however smile or make fun of their antics. They could be bugs sometimes yet bring a lot of laugh-out-loud minutes.

Gru, unlike a lot of bad masterminds, loves the minions, as well as they have a wonderful partnership because of this. His genuine admiration for their effort assists endear us to his character as well.

He also recognizes each of them by name. However do not fret, if you don’t know them all by now, have a look below and also learn them on your own.

Dave the Minion

Minion Names - Dave
Source : The Animation Movie

This little guy has 2 eyes, and also he’s the major minion from them all. This is certainly the instance in the secondly of both films, Despicable Me 2. He’s humorous, undoubtedly, however he’s even more compared to that– kind as well as charitable likewise. Integrated with one more minion, Stuart, he’s the closest minions to their extremely bad guy employer, Gru, when he enters into distress, they are normally the very first on the scene to conserve him. We see one instance of this when Gru has actually been packed right into the rear of Miss. Lucy Wilde’s auto– Stuart and also Dave concern his rescue.

A fan of gelato, Dave the minion additionally enjoys video game, as well as is understood to play them with his rescue-buddy, Stuart. He’s awkward also, as well as we see a timeless instance of his awkward nature when he unintentionally terminates a mean looking rocket launcher in the very first motion picture. He reveals such sorrow in the method he hangs his head after, and also as high as you laugh, you cannot aid however really feel very sorry for him. He is just one of one of the most lovable– that does not like Dave the minion?

Stuart – The One eyed Minions Name

Minion Names - Stuart
Source : The Animation Movie

Stuart is a faithful as well as innocent minion. He has flat as well as centre-parted hair. His body is slim, as well as height is 94cm. That indicates Stuart is the quickest Minion. He likes playing and also laughing and also hates to be harassed by various other minions. Stuart shows up in the movie throughout the following minutes– While attempting to run away from Vector’s home, they wound up inside a dark air flow shaft. As they needed light, Jerry chose Stuart up as well as cracked him, turning him into a minion-sized glow stick!

Jerry – The Minion

Minion Names - Jerry
Source : The Animation Movie

An additional two-eyed little charm, Jerry the minion is rather the character, shaking his spiky hair, slightly plumper compared to most of the other minions. (He does not mind us claiming that, do not worry!) He’s usually branded a coward, and when we see Kevin informing him therefore, we can see that he gets disturbed by this. He’s fairly the delicate little soul, as well as odd things, such as weird noises, will certainly typically terrify him. He’s not the minion you would certainly require to go and see a terrifying film, that’s for certain!

Not simply a frightened minion, Jerry is likewise among the most musical from all the minions. He is abducted and plays the guitar on the coastline, as well as he likewise sings to the ladies in order to calm them when Gru leaves him in charge.

Minion Names — Kevin

Minion Names - Kevin
Source : The Animation Movie

He’s the golf enthusiast of the team, as well as he loves to tease Jerry the minion, especially for being a little a wimp. He has two eyes, and also he’s a little foolish. When Jerry is abducted, for instance, he really waves farewell to his henchman close friend, when they aim to take him away likewise, his very first instinct is to grab their feline buddy …

He’s certainly not the sharpest tool in the box, that’s for certain!

You will be surprised to know that Kevin holds the monotony Globe Records for being the smallest minion yet. His hair is level in addition to centre-parted. His body is slim. He is 6cm is. He enjoys Gru the majority of. Kevin also resembles Stuart.

Tim Minion

Minion Names - Tim Minion
Source : The Animation Movie

You will certainly be astonished that Tim is most likely the only minion with a temper as well as personality. He has a little clump of hair. His body is slim. He has an elevation of 120cm that makes him the highest of all minions. He loves to play employer and also dislikes losing as well as being chuckled. Possibly you have discovered him at the adhering to moments: Tim, Mark and also Phil were sent by Gru to obtain a unicorn plaything for Agnes. Tim appeared to be the leader of the triad and also disguised as the daddy ‘Port’ as they were patronizing the shopping mall.

Another of the two-eyed club, Tim the minion has an amusing little sprout-looking hairdo, as well as he’s the “full-grown” of the group. He tends to act a little bit much more maturely than most of the various other minions, and also as a result of this, he’s typically dressed much more smartly (as well as conservatively) compared to the others too. We see him shaking a tie in the second film, as well as for some time, he’s also bald!

Minion Names — Mark

Minion Names - Mark
Source : The Animation Movie

Mark has actually wonderfully brushed hair as well as, similar to Tim, he has two eyes additionally. Known as the mommy of the group, he is typically dressed in this motherly nature. If you have actually ever played Minion Thrill, he is the unlockable character known as ‘the mother’, and also this is extracted from his maternal function within the Despicable Me movies.

It is when he is asked to acquire the girl, Agnes, a unicorn in the movie that he first envelopes this motherly function, as well as he gowns as a mother-figure in the film. You will additionally recall him vocal singing karaoke tunes when they find it for the first time. Do you keep in mind the tune? It was “Copa Cabana”.

Phil– one eyed minion

Minion Names - Phil
Source : The Animation Movie

Phil is the happiest minion. He makes fun of almost anything.He has level and also centre-parted hair. His elevation is 95cm, which virtually the fastest variation of the minions as well as his body is slim. He most likely loves being kissed by Agnes. You could occasionally get Phil and also Stuart blended since they look virtually same.

Bob The Minion

Minion Names - Bob
Source : The Animation Movie

Bob’s hair is Spiky. Just keep in mind the flick minutes where he was made to consume an anti-gravity serum and also is presently orbiting the Planet.

Jon Minion

Minion Names - Jon
Source : The Animation Movie

The hair of Jon is flat and centre-parted. Catch him in the credit histories! Jon resembles Stuart!

Jorge– The Fat Minion

Minion Names - Jorge
Source : The Animation Movie

Jorge is fat. He has standing straight-up hair. His elevation is 96cm, which is like a seatsed Dave yet a little greater than Stuart. He likes making copies of his base. Jorge is clearly not awkward concerning his waist in any way. In the motion picture, He was messing around with Jerry and also Stuart on the copy machine printing pictures of his fat and also rounded base.


Minion Names - carl

Carl is a little one-eyed minion with a brief buzz hairstyle.

He is fun-loving and also appreciates his time with various other minions. He wants to skateboard and also enjoys making sounds.

He is the minion you see in the fire scene: ” do …” He gets into the space with Josh in order to help produce the workplace fire. He additionally is seen when Gru calls Dave and also Stuart at the gelato event. He is splashing Stuart with a fire extinguisher.


One more among the somewhat plump minion club, Josh has 2 eyes as well as an uproarious individuality. He additionally likes to trigger mischievousness, as seen when he checks his butt with Larry as well as Stuart. At one factor in the flick, when the ” do” alarm system is being appeared by Carl and also his charming buzz haircur, we see Josh make a look as a fire fighter. Possibly we should call him Fire fighter Josh the minion?

Kyle– Despicable me pet name

Minion Names - kyle minion dog
Source : The Animation Movie

Kyle was the animal canine of Gru, showed up in despicable me film first. Gru introduced Kyle to the women by claiming “Ladies, this is Kyle, my canine.” Kyle was so aggressive in the motion picture that Gru additionally had problem to manage the animal. However, fans are confused concerning “Kyle” that if it is a pet dog or any other types. Though it’s a funny solution, however occasionally it is told that Kyle is a “half pet and also fifty percent piranha”. Ha Ha Ha …

Infographics of Minion Characters

Minion Names Infographic
Source : The Animation Movie

Video clip Regarding Minions and also Their Names

We likewise produce a computer animation video clip to address the concern, “Just what are the names of despicable me minions personalities?” Enjoy the video clip and also appreciate it. You will certainly enjoy the minions and also their names with images in the video clip.

Currently it’s your look to educate us which is your preferred minions personalities? Dave or Jerry or Phil– might be other minion, Share your viewpoint as well as always remember to inform us why you like it most.

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