A Complete List of Dinosaur Names with Pictures and Information

Dinosaur Names – In 1842, an English biologist named Sir Richard Owen created the term “dinosaurs,” a name that means “horrible lizard.” This name was a combination of 2 words delved from the Greek language: deinos– a name that means “dreadful” and “saurus”– which indicates lizard.

Since that time, all kinds of fascinating names have been offered to the numerous dinosaurs found. Most of them stemmed from Greek and Latin words, however also sometimes from words from other languages, physical locations of where the dinosaurs were discovered or the people that uncovered the dinosaurs or added to the field of paleontology.

While there just isn’t enough room here to note all the dinosaur names that exist, there are some intriguing ones that I wish to talk about. For instance, Baryonyx indicates heavy claw. Corythosaurus indicates helmet reptile and also Homalocephale indicates flat head.

These are all called after physical characteristics that each of these dinosaur’s possessed. However, not all dinosaurs were called after the dinosaur’s physical qualities.

Some were called after areas: Albertosaurus (after Alberta, Canada) and also Lesothosaurus (after Lesothosaurus, South Africa) are archetypes.

Various other sorts of dinosaurs were called after individuals– either ones who discovered them or contributed greatly to the field. As an example, the dinosaur “Enthusiast” was called after Edwin Enthusiast Cope and the dinosaur Marshosaurus was named after Othniel Charles Marsh.

If you are asking yourself just how the names of dinosaurs are created from their root words, after that please continue reading since we are going to cover a little refresher course on the subject.

For instance, “tri” implies 3 in Latin, “cerat” means horn in Greek and also “ops” means face in Greek. Integrate those 3 together as well as you have triceratops. The name of dinosaur Stegosaurus could be broken down into “stego” which indicates covered or roofing, as well as “saurus” which implies reptile. Integrate these and you could see that it implies “roofed or covered lizard”; A proper name for their spike covered bodies. See just how easy that can be?

Below are a few other prominent roots used for the names of dinosaurs. These will certainly help you as you try to determine several of the a lot more usual ones. These will certainly permit you to try your hand at finding out what a few of the dino names mean.

Dino: from the Greek Deinos– implies Terrible
Draco: From the Greek Rakon– suggests Dragon
Hippos: From the Greek Hippos– suggests Horse
Hydro: from the Greek– implies Water
Ortho: from the Greek Orthos– suggests Straight
Macro: from the Greek Makros– suggests Huge
Micro: from the Greek Mikros– implies Tiny
Mega: from the Greek Megas– implies Massive
Morph: from the Greek Morph– suggests Shape
Poly: from the Greek Polys– means Several

Here you could learn about the several different sort of dinosaur that existed in the Mesozoic Period.

Made to be an ‘online dinosaur gallery’, it’s a great area to begin if you wish to find out even more concerning a certain dinosaur.

Dinosaur Names with Pictures

Listed below you’ll discover a checklist of dinosaur names with images and details. You can adhere to links in the message to figure out even more concerning particular species.

This checklist consists of all of one of the most popular dinosaurs together with several lesser-known species. The amount of have you come across?

1. Abelisaurus

Dinosaur Names Abelisaurus

We start our checklist of dinosaurs with Abelisaurus, a predacious theropod dinosaur of the late Cretaceous Duration. Abelisaurus was a medium-sized, bipedal dinosaur that was probably in between 7 as well as 9 metres (23 and also 29 ft.) in size.

(‘ Bipedal’ implies that a pet strolls on two legs.).

All that we understand concerning Abelisaurus comes from a solitary, insufficient skull!

2. Albertosaurus

Dinosaur names - albertosaurus
Teratophoneus – DeviantArt

Albertosaurus was a close connection of Tyrannosaurus, and also remained in the same family, Tyrannosauridae. Looking significantly like its even more well-known family member, Albertosaurus strolled on two legs, as well as had tiny arms. It would certainly have been a fast jogger, and probably sat at the really top of the food cycle.

Albertosaurus had crests over its eyes which could have been brightly coloured. Unlike Tyrannosaurus, whose eyes directed forwards, its eyes got on the sides of its head.

3. Allosaurus

Dinosaur Names - Allosaurus

Allosaurus was one of the largest predators of the Jurassic Period. It would certainly have reached lengths of around 12 metres (40 ft.), and weighed in between 2 and 5 metric tonnes (2.2 as well as 3.3 brief lots).

Allosaurus exploited dinosaurs such as Stegosaurus, and also might even have actually hunted big Jurassic Sauropods such as Diplodocus and Apatosaurus.

4. Ankylosaurus

Dinosaur Names - AnkylosaurusDinosaur Names - Ankylosaurus

Ankylosaurus was a member of a group of dinosaurs called Ankylosauria. Their name suggests ‘fused together reptiles’ in support of their joined-together armoured plates.

Ankylosaurians were participants of a larger group of dinosaurs called ‘armoured dinosaurs’.

Ankylosaurus was around 10 metres (33 ft.) in size as well as weighed about 5 statistics tonnes (5.5 short loads). It had a bony club at the end of its powerful tail, which would have been a reliable tool against predators.

5. Apatosaurus

Dinosaur Names - Apatosaurus

Apatosaurus was a significant sauropod dinosaur. It lived in the late Jurassic Duration. It evaluated between 20 and 30 statistics tonnes (22 and 33 short tons), and was about 20 to 23 metres (65 and 75 ft.) in size.

Apatosaurus accomplished its enormous size by consuming plants, not meat. It could have used its lengthy tail as a whip to secure itself from killers.

Brontosaurus was uncovered after Apatosaurus. At the time is was believed to be a different dinosaur, but it was later on found to be an Apatosaurus. Nevertheless, the name ‘Brontosaurus’ had actually come to be so commonly utilized that lots of people assumed that they were various dinosaurs.

There’s a twist in the tail: recent researches have actually discovered that the Brontosaurus might not be an Apatosaurus.

6. Archaeopteryx

Dinosaur Names - Archaeopteryx

Visualize a cross in between a little dinosaur as well as a bird, and you have actually probably obtained an excellent picture of what Archaeopteryx appeared like. It had the tooth-filled mouth and bony tail of a dinosaur, with the feathered wings of a bird.

Many scientists now think about birds to be dinosaurs. Archaeopteryx lived in the late Jurassic Period.

7. Baryonyx

Dinosaur Names - Baryonyx

Baryonyx was a two-legged, fish-eating dinosaur that stayed in the very early Cretaceous Duration.

In 1983, amateur fossil enthusiast William J. Pedestrian encountered an odd fossil. He notified the Nature Museum in London, who became aware that he had actually made an essential discover.

After more digging, palaeontologists discovered around three-quarters of a brand-new dinosaur. It was named Baryonyx pedestrian, in honour of its discoverer.

8. Brachiosaurus

Dinosaur Names - Brachiosaurus
Science Photo Library

This substantial sauropod matured to 25 metres (82 ft.) in length as well as weighed in between 30 and 50 metric tonnes (33 and also 55 brief bunches). It was just one of the biggest land pets ever. Brachiosaurus’s name implies ‘arm lizard’, because of the method its forelimbs joined its shoulders.

Unlike other sauropods, Brachiosaurus’s front legs were longer than its hind legs.

9. Carnotaurus

Dinosaur Names - Carnotaurus

Carnotaurus was a huge, fast-moving killer that strolled on 2 legs. It was around 9 metres (30 ft.) in size, as well as considered around 1.35 statistics tonnes (1.5 brief heaps).

This distinct meat-eater had 2 horns on its head. Its name implies ‘meat-eating bull’ in behalf of these horns.

10. Coelophysis

Dinosaur names - Coelophysis
source: dinosaurstop.com

Coelophysis is just one of the earliest well-known dinosaurs. It stayed in the late Triassic Duration. Regardless of their terrific age, several Coelophysis fossils have actually been located.

Coelophysis was a tiny and also lightly-built dinosaur, and also would certainly have been active and also rapid. It might have pursued in packs.

11. Deinonychus

Dinosaur names - Deinonychus
source: crazyhorse42.deviantart.com

This very early Cretaceous dinosaur expanded to around 3 metres (10 ft.) in size and also evaluated about 80 kg (176 pound). Its name, which suggests ‘horrible claw’ describes the dangerous claw discovered on each of its feet.

While tiny compared with various other dinosaurs, Deinonychus was developed for rate, as well as would certainly have been a reliable killer. It additionally had lengthy forelimbs as well as effective clawed ‘hands’.

12. Diplodocus

Dinosaur names - Diplodocus
source: newdinosaurs.com

Diplodocus, like all various other sauropods, was a titan, four-legged dinosaur with a lengthy neck and also tail. It could have utilized its lengthy tail like a whip for security versus killers.

Diplodocus was around 25 metres (82 ft.) in size, and also considered in between 10 as well as 26 statistics tonnes (11 and also 29 brief heaps). It resided in The United States and Canada in the late Jurassic Duration.

13. Edmontosaurus

Dinosaur names - Edmontosaurus
source: sciencesource.com

Edmontosaurus was a big vegetarian dinosaur. It belonged to the ‘duck-billed’ team of dinosaurs, supposed in support of their duck-like mouths. Edmontosaurus herds wandered western The United States and Canada in the late Cretaceous Duration.

Edmontosaurus would certainly have strolled on its 2 longer back legs for the majority of the moment. When it should come down to get to food near the ground, it would certainly have strolled on all 4 legs.

14. Giganotosaurus

Dinosaur names - Giganotosaurus
source: swordlord3d.deviantart.com

Giganotosaurus suggests ‘large southerly reptile’. This killer strolled on 2 legs and also was also larger compared to Tyrannosaurus. It was about 16 metres (62 ft.) in size and also evaluated 8 statistics tonnes (9 brief heaps). It was most likely to have actually had great detects of vision and also scent.

Giganotosaurus was discovered in South The U.S.A. in the late Cretaceous Duration.

15. Gorgosaurus

Dinosaur names - Gorgosaurus
source: swordlord3d.deviantart.com

Gorgosaurus was a close loved one of the Tyrannosaurus, remaining in the exact same family members, Tyrannosauridae. He stayed in the late Cretaceous Duration as well as was discovered in The U.S.A. as well as Canada.

With a massive head as well as jaws loaded with sharp teeth, Gorgosaurus certainly measured up to its name, which implies ‘distressing reptile’.

16. Iguanodon

Dinosaur names - Iguanodon
source: newdinosaurs.com

Iguanodon was the 2nd dinosaur ever before to be called. The initial Iguanodon fossil was a tooth. It was uncovered in England by the partner of clinical physician and also rock hound Dr Gideon Mantell. Mantell called the sampling Iguanodon, due to the fact that the tooth appeared like that of an iguana.

Iguanodon was a big, plant-eating dinosaur, able to stroll on 2 as well as 4 legs. It resided in the very early Cretaceous Duration. It had actually surged thumbs, which might have been utilized as support versus killers or for combating with various other Iguanodons.

17. Leaellynasaura

Dinosaur names - Leaellynasaura
source: cooldinofacts.wikia.com

This little bipedal dinosaur was simply under 1 metre (3 ft.) in size. It wased initially uncovered in the Australian dinosaur hotspot Dinosaur Cove. Leaellynasaura stayed in the very early Cretaceous Duration, and also might have been fully-feathered.

18. Megalosaurus

Dinosaur names - Megalosaurus
source: dinosaurpictures.org

Megalosaurus was found in England, and also was the very first dinosaur to be called. Doctor as well as rock hound James Parkinson recognized some fossilised continues to be as being from a reptile. He called it ‘Megalosaurus’, which suggests ‘fantastic reptile’. This remained in 1824: nearly twenty years prior to Sir Richard Owen created words ‘dinosaur’!

Megalosaurus was around 9 metres (30 ft.) in size as well as evaluated about 1 statistics tonne (1.1 brief lots). It depended on 2 legs, as well as was a killer. It stayed in the center Jurassic Duration.

19. Minmi

Dinosaur names - Minmi
source: dinosaurpictures.org/

Minmi was a greatly armoured tiny dinosaur of the Ankylosauria household. Its body, including its bottoms, was covered with bony plates. It had much longer legs compared to the majority of its loved ones, recommending that, regardless of being well armoured, it can relocate promptly.

Minmi fossils have actually been found in Australia. It stayed in the very early Cretaceous Duration.

20. Ornithomimus

Dinosaur names - Ornithomimus
source: dinosaurpictures.org/

Ornithomimus was an ostrich-like dinosaur. Around 3.5 metres (11.5 ft.) long, Ornithomimus had lengthy legs and also a long, slim neck. It would certainly have had the ability to go for broadband, potentially getting to over 40 miles per hour (64 km/h).

Ornithomimus suggests ‘bird simulate’ in behalf of its bird-like feet. Fossils have actually been discovered that recommend Ornithomimus had plumes.

21. Parasaurolophus

Dinosaur names - Parasaurolophus
source: the-isle-dinosaur-game.wikia.com

Parasaurolophus was a Late Cretaceous herbivore. It was around 10 metres (33 ft.) in size and also considered 3.5 statistics tonnes (4 brief heaps). Parasaurolophus had an unique crest outgrowing the rear of its head. Tubes within this crest were linked to its nostrils.Scientists guess that this setup can have been made use of to create noise.

Parasaurolophus had a ‘high’ however slim tail. This could have been brilliantly coloured to draw in ladies or as an additional type of screen.

22. Protoceratops

Dinosaur names - Protoceratops
source: newdinosaurs.com

Protoceratops was a sheep-sized dinosaur of the late Cretaceous Duration. It had actually jaws formed like a parrot’s expense, as well as a mouthful of teeth for consuming hard greenery. It had a fuss on the back of its head. This could have offered to secure the pet’s neck.

In Mongolia, a fossilised protoceratops was located knit with a fossilised velociraptor. The velociraptor might have remained in the procedure of striking the protoceratops prior to a land slip hidden both pets.

23. Spinosaurus

Dinosaur names - Spinosaurus
source: telegraph.co.uk

Spinosaurus was a meat-eating dinosaur of the late Cretaceous Duration. Maturing to 15 metres (49 ft.) in size and also 23 statistics tonnes (25.35 brief heaps) in weight, it was bigger compared to the magnificent Tyrannosaurus Rex.

As a matter of fact, Spinosaurus is fairly potentially the biggest killer ever before to have actually strolled the planet.

Spinosaurus indicates ‘thorn reptile’/ ‘spinal column reptile’. The name originates from Spinosaurus’s many distinguishing characteristic: a huge ‘sail’ on its back, including spinal columns covered by a layer of skin.

It is believed that this bony sail aided spinosaurus to heat up faster compared to various other dinosaurs, permitting it to search when others can not.

24. Stegoceras

Dinosaur names - Stegoceras
source: dinochecker.com

Stegoceras was a bipedal herbivore that lived in the late Cretaceous Duration. It had to do with 2 metres (6.5 ft.) in size, as well as most likely about the elevation of a guy.

Stegoceras was a Pachycephalosaurian; a ‘dome-headed dinosaur’ with an extremely thick head. It was probably a herd animal, as well as has been found in North America

25. Stegosaurus

Dinosaur names - Stegosaurus
source: dododex.com

Stegosaurus was a huge plant-eating dinosaur in the Stegosauridae family. It grew to around 9 metres (30 ft.) in length, and evaluated around 2 statistics tonnes (2.2 brief bunches). In spite of its large size, its mind was around the dimension of a walnut!

Stegosaurus had a row of large bony plates running along the top of its back. These might have offered protection from attack, or may have aided stegosaurus remain at the proper temperature level. Stegosaurus had the ability to protect itself with a cluster of spikes on its tail.

Stegosaurus was found in The U.S.A., as well as lived throughout the late Jurassic duration.

26. Suchomimus

Dinosaur names - Suchomimus
source: jurrassic-wolrd.wikia.com

Suchomimus belonged to the Spinosauridae family of dinosaurs, and a relative of Spinosaurus. Like Spinosaurus, Suchomimus had a spiny sail on its back as well as a long, crocodile-like face. It lived in the very early Cretaceous Period, as well as was located in Africa.

27. Triceratops

Dinosaur names - Triceratops
source: dinosaurpictures.org

The aptly-named Triceratops (the name means three-horned face) lived during the late Cretaceous Duration. It might have stayed in herds, and has actually been located in western America.

Triceratops was a big, greatly developed dinosaur, and would have had the ability to put up fairly a battle if assaulted by meat-eaters such as Tyrannosaurus or Albertosaurus.

28. Troodon

Dinosaur names - Troodon
source: dinosaurpictures.org

Troodon was a tiny, bird-like dinosaur of the Late Cretaceous Period. It grew to around 2 metres (6.5 ft.) in size, as well as would have been waist-high to a guy.

Regardless of its small dimension, Troodon was well armed, with sharp teeth, clawed fingers, and also a bigger, sickle-shaped claw on each of its feet. This intelligent dinosaur was quickly, nimble, and outfitted with good eyesight.

29. Tyrannosaurus

Dinosaur names - Tyrannosaurus
source: reptileevolution.com

Tyrannosaurus is possibly the most popular sort of dinosaur on the planet, and no checklist of dinosaurs would certainly lack it. One types in particular, Tyrannosaurus Rex, is especially popular as being the stereotypical ‘killer dinosaur’.

Tyrannosaurus was among the biggest land-based meat-eaters of perpetuity. Not only was it solid; it was likewise intelligent, quickly, as well as outfitted with exceptional senses of view as well as smell.

One feature of Tyrannosaurus is its huge head. It would certainly have had the ability to support effective jaw muscular tissues; its fearful teeth would certainly have had a bite force to match.

Tyrannosaurus grew to around 12 metres (40 ft.) in length, as well as considered approximately 8 metric tonnes (9 brief tons). Tyrannosaurus lived right as much as the end of the Cretaceous Duration. It became vanished together with every one of the other non-bird dinosaurs with the Cretaceous-Paleogene Extinction Event.

30. Velociraptor

Dinosaur names - Velociraptor

Velociraptor was a small, bird-like, aggressive dinosaur of the late Cretaceous Period. Its name indicates ‘swift plunderer’, as well as effectively describes this speedy, intense predator.

Velociraptor was equipped with a mouthful of sharp teeth, as well as sharp claws on its hands. Its most well-known tools, however, were the single huge, rounded claws that were located on each foot. These can have been made use of for slashing as well as tearing, and also to order as well as restrain the velociraptor’s victim.

In several films, velociraptor is represented as being taller than a man. In real-life, however, it would certainly have been waist-high at the majority of. It may additionally have been fully feathered.


We really hope that you have appreciated this listing of dinosaurs. We wanted to include not just the most renowned dinosaurs, yet additionally some lesser-known types, simply to examine the dinosaur professionals available! How did you do?

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