16 Best Living Room Curtain Ideas and Designs to Upgrade Your Interior

What makes a living room important for the house? Generally, the owners of the house use it to gather and entertain guests. In this case, applying living room curtain ideas is a good effort to beautify the room.

Curtain design for living room comes in many variations and each of them gives a distinct ambiance to the room. Still, all of them are comfortable and stunning.

Later, when choosing the idea, you can consider it based on materials, color, and other aspects. The key is suitability. That means you must match the curtain with the theme of your living room and overall house design.

1. Soft and Breezy Room Curtain

Soft and Breezy Room Curtain
Image Source: Pinterest.com

Some of you may have a dark and cramped living room. It is because the furniture is made of dark wood and the couches are overstuffed. So, what can you do to make the room more comfortable and spacious?

One of the ideas is to apply the right living room curtain. The best choice is a sheer and breezy curtain. It would keep the classic and romantic ambiance without sacrificing the modern look. The fabric should be soft and thin. Thus, it removes the cramped nuance in the living room.

If you have multiple windows, you can cover them by a single track! The key is to hang the curtain from a decorative rod. Yet, it can only be done if you install light chiffon panels there.

2. Long Curtain with Bold Stripes

Long Curtain with Bold Stripes
Image Source: architectureartdesigns.com

Each living room has a distinct design and size. This explains why you must choose a suitable theme to maximize its beauty. For example, a long wall with many windows should have a long and wide curtain. The idea is to play with dimensions.

Therefore, stripes in two colors would suit this type of curtain. The best choices are neutral colors, though. For example, white and grey are a perfect combination. What is the reason? Neutral colors are suitable for a small room.

It will not sacrifice the size perception in the living room. The long curtain helps to cover the small size of the window and it helps to hide the number of the windows (especially in the apartment).

3. Bright Bows to Tie-up the Curtain

Bright Bows to Tie-up the Curtain
Image Source: In My Own Style

The pattern looks classic, but it gives various types of beauty. It looks great regardless of your choice of color scheme. Still, the most recommended one is black and white print. To avoid dullness, you can include bright ribbons to tie up the curtain.

Instead of folding, this method looks better and unique! The backdrop is plain, so the ribbons would stand out perfectly. This choice of curtain usually works well on a single window and vintage houses. It gives a slightly modern touch to your classic house.

As for the size, the curtain must match the length of the window. The only issue is the effort. You need to tie and retie the ribbons to either open or close the curtain. Would you do it?

4. Artistic and Young Curtain Design

. Artistic and Young Curtain Design
Image Source: instagram.com

Youngsters love distinct designs for their living room. After including some contemporary and creative furniture, you can pick the curtain already. This type, you go for the retro design.

The base color is dark sky blue. It looks cute with a big pink polka dot pattern. Next, there is a big retro girl pattern on one side of the curtain. This type of curtain is usually popular in apartments!

As for the movement system, you can use a simple stainless steel panel. Thus, you can slide the curtain easily to either open or close it.

5. Flutter-style Sheer with Pensive Texture

Flutter-style Sheer Livingroom curtain
Image Source: diyprojectsforteens.com

People have a different purpose when installing curtains for their living room. It will be great if you can get a romantic atmosphere there. It is perfect for married couples, without a doubt. The curtain is unique, as it is woven.

The material is petal-like pieces, which are woven into a sheer set. At noon, this curtain looks more beautiful due to the sunlight. Thanks to the texture. As for the color, you need to choose a soft wash one instead of a bright or bold color.

The aim is to keep its dreamy effect once it is installed on the panel or wall. As an extra, you need to get a sleek black modern sofa featuring a comfy furry couch pillow. They are expensive but give us the best look.

6. Mix and Match Patterns

Mix and Match Patterns Curtains
Image Source: homebnc.com

The idea is to use a neutral hue. In the picture above, you can see a living room with a rhino grey wall. White tone also applies to the wall! Therefore, the key is to use a certain curtain that has a similar color.

Next, putting a grey rug with a specific pattern on the floor is a good idea. At the design above, even the sofa or couch has a similar tone to the curtain. It is simple, but looks astounding! Moreover, the price of this curtain will not cost more than $100!

7. Elegant Mocha Curtain with Thin Layer

Elegant Mocha Curtain with Thin Layer
Image Source: housebeautiful.com

For modern houses, this mocha curtain would give a great improvement in terms of beauty. The color is calm and soothing. It helps to increase the comfort level of the living room.

The material of the curtain is both thick and durable. You can simply tie the drape on both sides to let the sunlight in. To make it more beautiful, you need to install a thin layer beneath it.

The only issue is the price. This type of curtain may cost more than $100 per piece. Can you afford it?

8. Chevron Pattern with Two Calm Hues

Chevron Pattern Curtain with Two Calm Hues
Image Source: jaclynruth.co.uk

The first aspect to play with is the color. Recently, people are into white and rhino grey color combination. Thanks to the versatility. This type of hue suits various types of living room decoration. After deciding the color, you need to pick the pattern.

When it comes to popularity, chevron is considered the right choice. It offers simplicity, dynamic beauty, and uniqueness. The chevron pattern also works well with many styles of the living room. In the picture above, the concept is two tones.

The flooring is black and white, while the furniture is dark and bright. Next, to spice up this dim living room, you can include a colorful blanket and lettered ornaments. What do you think?

9. The Outstanding Red Curtain

Outstanding Red Curtain
Image Source: digsdigs.com

For modern living rooms, gloomy and contemporary colors like grey are quite popular. That does not mean you can use the same color for the drape or curtain. Bright and eye-catching colors are better instead.

People these days are into pops of bright color. However, it is not easy to pull off. Here is the trick. You need to create a contrast. For instance, the living room must apply a monochrome and neutral color.

The purpose is to pop up the curtain. In the picture above, a bright and calm red curtain would catch everyone’s attention. The panels are thin and the size of the curtain is long. It even touches the floor!

10. Sheer Curtain with Rustic Background

Sheer Curtain with Rustic Background
Image Source: homebnc.com

Many options of designs are available for a living room including a country or rustic style. To beautify wooden walls and furniture, you can use a pleated chiffon curtain. This is both soft and versatile!

Being versatile means it can work with different types or styles of living room design. This even works in the rustic living room, providing a sheer nuance. It diffuses sunlight passing through the window. The fabric is thin and soft, so it would wave when the wind hits it.

As mentioned before, the light may pass through it easily. This explains why the living room looks bright and breezy at noon. As for the color, you can pick either white or dim hues. Make sure the tone matches the walls, though.

11. Expensive Long Mossy Blue Curtain

Long Mossy Blue Curtain
Image Source: elledecor.com

Having a big and luxury living room is quite satisfying. The problem is related to the decoration. You must include many expensive and ornaments in that room. That means you must spend more money.

As for the drape, long and high-quality curtains are necessary. They even come with well-woven borders. The color is mossy green and they come with an extra layer (which is usually batik fabric).

Some royal and elegant curtains even may cost up to $1000! You can determine their length and width, based on the size and number of the windows in your majestic living room.

12. Choose Between Plain and Patterned Fabric

Between Plain and Patterned Fabric Curtains for Living room
Image Source: Adventures in Decorating

You must choose fabric that matches the concept of the living room. A patterned fabric often results in too much attention. On the other hand, the living room would appear too blocky if you choose plain fabric. A classic and simple gingham pattern is the answer.

As for the color, white and soft chocolate are a good combination. It even works well with the plain white furniture!

The size of the curtain must be wider than the window, though. This way, you can either close or open the drape comfortably.

13. Black and White Shade with Damask Pattern

Black and White Shade with Damask Pattern Curtain
Image Source: balancinghome.com

A simple color combination like black and white is always popular when choosing curtains for your living room. It suits all themes of the room, including rustic and modern design. However, a factor may affect the beauty. It is none other than the pattern.

In the picture above, the curtain applies a damask print! It focuses on a lovely and simple appearance. Here is the tip. When you apply this type of print, you must not cover the entire surface of the fabric.

This way, the look will not appear too busy. Instead, you must use the print like a stamp! This is called an alternating placement. The aim is to keep the elegance and classical beauty. It does not even darken the room!

14. Black and White Rectangle Pattern with Folding Feature

Living room curtain ideas -Black and White Rectangle Pattern with Folding Feature
Image Source: elledecor.com

Black and white living room design always becomes everyone’s best choice. It works well in modern and classic rooms, moreover. Here is a question.

To beautify the black and white living room theme, you can use this idea. The color foundation of the curtain is white. It features black rectangle patterns, printed symmetrically.

When it comes to functionality, the furniture applies a horizontal folding mechanism. Thanks to the system. You do not need much effort to close or open the curtain.

15. Vintage Curtain with Floral Pattern

Vintage Curtain with Floral Pattern
Image Source: apartmenttherapy.com

Women and girls often feel dominant at home, especially when furnishing the living room. No wonder, they would include girlish and pretty things in the room. As for the curtain, it can be as stunning as this vintage design.

This type of curtain brings in an old nuance to the living room. It also lures a cozy atmosphere, doesn’t it? Next, you can see a unique pattern there. It is none other than the classic floral design.

A floral design never goes old and it always looks stylish regardless of the color and size. To maximize its beauty, you need to use only natural wood furniture in the room. In terms of functionality, you can improve it by installing a rolling wicker shade behind the curtain.

16. Accordion-Style Folds and Damask Print

Accordion-Style Folds and Damask Print Living room Curtain
Image Source: elledecor.com

For a living room that comes with tall, thin, and single windows, a special curtain is needed. For example, you can use a full sheet curtain. This helps you to create a bold and big statement.

Despite the boldness, the damask pattern looks stylish with its geometric border. As a result, it combines classic and modern styles at once. The beauty even looks better with its accordion-style fold.

The folding system keeps the curtain neat, as it is not likely to be affected by strong wind. This design is also suitable for those who love simplicity.


Modern curtain designs for living room are more popular than other concepts. Still, other choices are also recommended for you. What you need to focus on is your taste.

This way, you can impress guests and satisfy other people who live in the same house. Things people see usually impress them. When it comes to curtains, fabrics do matter, though.

Therefore, you must pick the right pattern and fabric after deciding the theme of the living room curtain. Those living room curtain ideas would determine the quality and comfort of the room. Do not overlook this fact!

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