25 Gorgeous Living Room Color Scheme Ideas to Make Your Room Cozy

Living Room Color Schemes – The main living area of your house is where you establish your signature style. Relaxed and casual? Modern and polished? Steeped in comforting tradition? No matter what your look, the perfect paint color will underscore it. Whether your living room’s style is traditional, transitional, contemporary, or ultra modern, you can give it a unique twist with a personalized color scheme. From beautiful wall colors to eye-catching furnishings these ideas will take your space to your next level.

It is very important for living room color schemes to choose the main color and the color accents and to combine them appropriately. The modern trend in living room paint colors is the interior design in black and white color schemes. Silver Ornaments and patterns are other alternatives. As a whole, you have more freedom of choice.

For help in choosing the best colors for your living room, check out our these living room color schemes and combinations for one that fits your decorating personality. Whether you want something bold and bright, neutral, or calming, we’ve got every color ideas you should consider on this list. Grab your paintbrush. Scroll down and get inspired!

Gray wall paint withblack furniture

Life-changing living room color schemes for black furniture
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Bright living room design with pale blue decorations

sky blue & gray living room color
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Navy Blue with Brown Couch

Staggering living room color schemes with navy blue
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Dark Gray Living Room

dark gray living room
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Warm living room paint color ideas, dark gray walls and furniture

Dark Green Living Room

green paint living room
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Bright Blue with Brown Furniture

blue living room paint color
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Vintage living room paint color ideas, bright blue walls and textile patterns

Gray Living Room with Colorful Wall Art

gray living room with brown couch
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Teal Living Room with Touch of Yellow

living room color schemes with brown couch
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Beige with Touch of Tuqouise

beige living room
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White walls and cheerful pink decorations

Excited living room color schemes cream couch
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Gray Wall with Yellow Couch

Yellow couch living room
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Colorful Living Room

living room with blue couch
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Fashionista Style

Spectacular living room color decorating ideas
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Dark Gray Curtains

Unbelievable living room color ideas for grey furniture
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Warm Scandinavian Color Schemes

gray living room
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Gray with Small Seating

living room with cream couch
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Light Sensation with Modern Touch

Striking gray living room color schemes
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Light living room color schemes in modern style

Warm Gray with Light Green Couch

Striking living room color schemes green
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Popular Purple

purple living room color schemes
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Popular living room paint color ideas, purple walls and white furniture

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