20+ Genius Garage Storage Ideas to Keep Your Garage Organized




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Garage storage ideas should be neat and functional. Things will keep increasing when you buy any items you don’t frequently use and keep them in the garage. That’s why you need to organize it.

When you have some stuff that you don’t know its value yet, don’t throw it right away. It’s because you may need it in the future, and it will be a shame if you ditch or sell it as junk at a low price.

In this article, you’re going to find some tips on how to keep the garage stay organized and you know when to find stuff when you’re in need of it. You’ll also get some new knowledge on how to maximize space for storage.

1.  Keep what’s Important

garaga storage ideas
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It’s challenging when you realize you have a small garage in your home. You know you’re going to lose some things when you have to throw them because you don’t know where to keep them since the garage is already filled with stuff and there’s no space left anymore.

This is a situation when you have to make a smart decision related to this matter. Make a plan to see which item that you rarely use it, but it takes up some considerable amount in the garage. If you don’t need it then, give it to somebody.

2. Put It Back

Put It Back Garage Storage Ideas
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Making a special place for bicycles can save some more room in the garage. And this is a smart arrangement that you can adopt. Stacking bicycles this way can also make the garage look tidier.

You can also use a slat wall for hanging other items in the garage. Make sure you put something back to its original place so that you want to have any problems when looking for them one day.

3. Clever Hanging Storage

Garage Storage Ideas Install
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This is just a brilliant way of storing your goods in the garage. Hanging them on the ceiling is an alternative when you know that there’s no room left on the floor. Make sure you use a durable material for this type of storage and don’t overload it.

  • Use materials that can’t stand with stains. It will be dangerous if it gets corroded, and the stuff falls off and hit something or someone under.
  • Load only lightweight things and keep them under your reach.
  • Hang it above your head so that anybody or you won’t get accidentally hit your head when you walk in when the electricity black out.

4. Prioritize It

wall garage storage ideas small garage storage ideas finished with black furntiure design white wall painting made
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Look how neat this garage storage is! Slat wall is well-liked by many due to its sheer benefits for setting out stuff in the garage. It will allow you to organize things easily by creating shelves for storing things.

Place things that you regularly use in lower places this will be helpful. On the other hand, store things that are not so often in use. This picture should be a good example for you for keeping the garage tidy.

Basic Wall Accessory Kit is available on Amazon.

5. Massive Storage

garage design with concrete garage floor and garage storage or garage cabinet
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Garage cabinet comes in handy for storage. It has an excessive amount of storage to save your life from a messy place. When you think there is a mountain of materials or accessories scatters all over the place, then it won’t be a problem if you put them in it.

Since creating shelves on the wall won’t help that much and it doesn’t look pretty either. This concrete wall garage storage is quite spacious it may require good lighting to light the entire place up. It can help you find things if the place has bright lighting.

6. Simple Design

diy garage shelving ideas photo of impressive sienna garden shed storage ideas shed storage she d of diy garage shelving ideas
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Garage shelving you may want to look at, everyone? This is a DIY garage shelving project that will inspire you if you’re at the moment looking for one. When gardening is your favorite activity, this idea will save the day.

It doesn’t too high and shallow either, which means you take or put what you need on the shelves. Each shelf has the same height so you can stack up goods in any of the shelves. This triangular shed also has a nice layout with a simple design.

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7. Get Yourself Entertained

Garage Storage Ideas
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Garage storage can have an elegant look with this colorful furniture. The cabinets have a blend of orange and black that makes them look attractive. The floor itself has a similar tone to the wall, and there’s also a vivid carpet under the couch.

  • Adding a Plasma TV can be a cheap way to get you entertained while cleaning the garage.
  • Hang the golf equipment on the corner so that it won’t be in the way.
  • Installing lights with a little adornment would also spice the garage up.

8. Installing Racks

Installing Racks garage shoe cabinets both shown
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The garage will be a perfect place to save your collection of shoes. If you, by any chance, have such a collection for the whole family, shelving storage will be a good answer to solve the problem.

You can put them there along with your wife and kids’ shoes at once. If there’s still some room above the rack, it would be a good idea to be used as extra storage. By doing so, you can now have space to put baskets above it.

9. Ask for Help

Garage Storage Ideas Plus 3 Garage Man Caves
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You might not aware that the garage needs cleaning over time. Ask your kids to help clean it would be a tremendous help and is a fun activity to do on weekends with them. It can also teach them to be someone who knows how to organize their own stuff.

This can be also an educational dad-and-kid project once in a while because they might be too busy with their gadget on their rooms playing video games. It is not too much to ask them to hand you a hand organize the garage, is it?

10. Clean It Continually

Clean It Continually
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A garage that is regularly cleaned monthly, for example, will be a lot more refreshing to look at. It can drive away from the pungent smell, impede mold to grow and guess what? You may find something you thought you had lost it forever.

These are the advantage of routinely wash or wipe the floor or any surfaces in the garage that is dirty and messy. It can obviously prevent goods from becoming rusty from dust or leaking water of the roof in the rainy season.

11. Label It

large garage ideas fresh garage organization ideas rocktheroa hampg big of large garage ideas
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Arranging things according to their sizes, shapes, and how often you would use them is one way of saving time when you’re looking for them one day. They should be exactly at the same place where you the last time used it.

One of the many useful garage storage ideas is to label each item. It’s because people forget sometimes, and that’s when you know that labeling will come in handy. When the garage becomes old, you can’t go wrong by repainting it. It’ll bring a new atmosphere to it.

12. Try to Be Organized

garage wall storage system diygarage systems lowes diy venidami pertaining to garage storage systems
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It isn’t that easy for people who are not very fond of tidying up the garage to get a view like this. And although they can set all things organized like this, it will become a messy place shortly after.

It’s a bad habit that you should try to overcome or you’ll get a bad reputation from your neighbors. It’s not that hard to get the garage clutter-free. It won’t consume your time that much. So, starting today try to get your stuff well ordered.

13. Apply Bold Color

garage decor ideas garage man cave garage cabinets diy building garage shelves gladiator garage sale man cave decoration
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Color can affect one’s mood. That’s why you’ll find some people stick with their favorite colors. Or for a particular purpose, one will apply a certain color to make them easy when identifying something.

This garage has a bold red color to make the owner easily mark or see a certain area since it’ll slightly glow in the dark. It’s combined with black and white to mask the dirt that comes from vehicles’ tires.

14. Sufficient Lighting

garage organization ideas lowes door costco cabinets husky storage newage windows heating and cooling quartz
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Lighting also holds a crucial part when it comes to garage storage. How would you be able to see things clearly if there’s not enough lighting in it? This furniture has silver surfaces that will reflect light so that it’ll look bright although you only turn a few lights on.

It can be a smart move to save electricity. The floor appears to have a gray surface that is similar to the furniture. The drawback with it is that it will leave noticeable dirty marks such as oil because the floor is in gray.

15. Install Shelves

Install Shelves Garage Storage Ideas
Image Source: thegaragedude.com

Shelves and boxes are two elements of garage storage that are inseparable. They complete each other in a way they give different functions. They’re also affordable, and that’s why they are everywhere.

The color is really pleasing to the eyes with light green. The black and white floor is not a bad choice. The shoes and clothes nicely hang on a white shelf on the corner. The floor is a modular garage floor that comes in huge sizes.

A similar product can be found here on Amazon.

16. Open Rack

open rack garage storage
Image Source: Pinterest.com

Open storage has some benefits than closed ones. It allows you to see and know what or where you insert stuff. You definitely don’t get any issues when trying to locate where your belongings are.

The furniture is also designed with legs so that you can reach the deepest part of it below when sweeping or wiping the floor. It will keep the space beneath to stay clean. You should try to get this idea applied in your garage.

17. Maximizing Space

maximizing space garage storage ideas
Image Source: hfsrockland.org

The fewer things you bring home, the wider space will be left for you. Making a hanging shelf on the ceiling is a common thing to do in order to keep everything to stay neat and tidy. By maximizing the space above, you will find the garage looks prettier than before.

  • The hanging storage should be strong and resist any shaking so that anything you put in it won’t shake and fall to the floor.
  • Choose a floor surface that’s easy to be clean but not slippery as it will be dangerous if the floor wet and will likely to make you fall.

18. Make Use of the Wall

Monkey Bar Shelving Location garage storage ideas
Image Source: garagesolutionsphiladelphia.com

The walls are a big asset in the garage as they can offer you ample space for hanging things. If they are available to be used as shelves, for example, then make good use of them for sorting things out.

Painting walls with white can have some advantages and disadvantages. White represents a clean and clear condition. Remember! It gets dirty easily, but those specks of dirt can clearly be seen as they are quite the opposite in terms of color so that you clean them right away.

19. Play with Beautiful Color

brown wooden floating home depot steel shelving home depot shelving units lowes garage storage garage
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This floor definitely looks so mesmerizing with its fantastic pattern. It becomes the center of attention here. If you feel like installing this idea in the garage, there are lots of colors that you can choose from, which is suitable for you.

The floor is meant to have a similar tone with the furniture that is in brown. If the furniture in your garage is in a different color, you may want to consider having the modular floor in other colors as well to match with the furniture.

20. Doing Things Together

Cool Garage Storage Idea Garage Design Ideas And More Not
Image Source: diyful.com

When you want to clean the garage, you may want to take what’s in the garage out because it will be much easier when all stuff is out. Tidying up can take hours and it can consume lots of energy and time too.

Doing this with your partner would be a fun thing to do. A happy marriage is when you help each other carry out daily tasks, including tidying up the garage. This can make your bond grows stronger.

21. Follow the Rules

garage wallization ideas for small business cards hooks kids pictures to color best
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Small things can be a pain in the neck when it’s missing, and, at the same time, you need it to be present. That’s why your habit will be something you should rely on. “Put it back where you take it” is a rule you should never forget.

And that should be followed by anybody who takes or uses the equipment and stuff. You should make a list and count how many important things exist. So, you’ll know when something isn’t in its place.

22. Brilliant Hanging Storage Idea

ceiling garage storage bike hangers e28094 the better garages bike
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can only be done if your bicycles are light enough otherwise you will have an issue when putting or taking it out.

The ceiling on which you hang these bicycles must be able to withstand their weight. It should also be attached with a few bicycles only just in case the ceiling may collapse. It does an efficient way of storing bicycles, after all.

We have something that’s easier to install you may want to have a look here

Create A Sliding Storage System On The Ceiling Of Your Garage!

Brilliant diy small garage storage ideas #garage #garagestorage #garageorganization #diy #diyhomedecor
Image Source: decoratingyoursmallspace.com

Great DIY garage storage idea that will certainly help you save a lot of space and trouble is this one: how about creating a suspended, sliding storage system where you could keep all your tools and other goodies? This way, you will always know they are in a place where you can easily reach them, and all you have to do is to grab the handle of your newly implemented storage system and drag it down!

Garage Wall Organizer

Astounding diy garage bike storage ideas #garage #garagestorage #garageorganization #diy #diyhomedecor
Image Source: decoratingyoursmallspace.com

Here is a similar garage storage idea, on steroids! This may be the best garage wall organizer we’ve ever seen. For all you doubters, why can’t it be this way?

Screwdriver Coat Rack

Wonderful diy garage ceiling storage ideas #garage #garagestorage #garageorganization #diy #diyhomedecor
Image Source: cutediyprojects.com

The actual problem arises when you are trying to store the screwdriver, especially when you have too many of them! Here is a lovely alternative to the classic screwdriver rack, as we all know it.

Economical Garage Shelving

Terrific diy garage wall storage ideas #garage #garagestorage #garageorganization #diy #diyhomedecor
Image Source: cutediyprojects.com

The garage shelves can take you a very long way, especially if you know how to implement them and how to efficiently store your belongings on them.

Organized Spray Paint

Striking undefined #garage #garagestorage #garageorganization #diy #diyhomedecor
Image Source: http://realitydaydream.com

If you are a true DIY’er, then you probably have a love affair with spray paint! Create a custom rack to store the cans beautifully.

Hooks For Folding Chairs

Fabulous diy garage tool storage ideas #garage #garagestorage #garageorganization #diy #diyhomedecor
Image Source: decoratingyoursmallspace.com

Got folding chairs? Use these garage storage hooks like they did at ‘House Organization‘ to get them up and off the floor!

Diy Tool Storage – Pegboard in the Wall

Sensational diy garage organizer ideas #garage #garagestorage #garageorganization #diy #diyhomedecor
Image Source: budgetdumpster.com

Another take on garage pegboard storage is these modular metal pegboard panels used by ‘Evan & Katelyn‘. This is the kind of DIY garage organizing that is actually pretty! And, they are made of steel, so they will hold up.

Diy Tool Storage – Magnetic Strips

Marvelous diy storage ideas for garage #garage #garagestorage #garageorganization #diy #diyhomedecor
Image Source: decoratingyoursmallspace.com

Great tool storage idea for the garage. Use magnetic strips similar to the kind you might use in the kitchen to store knives.

Ball Storage In Garage

Delight diy garage storage ideas #garage #garagestorage #garageorganization #diy #diyhomedecor
Image Source: decoratingyoursmallspace.com

In case you really want choices here, one more version of this garage sports storage making use of the studs in the wall, from Designed To Dwell.

Shovel Rack Storage Idea!

Fantastic diy small garage storage ideas #garage #garagestorage #garageorganization #diy #diyhomedecor
Image Source: cutediyprojects.com

Folding Garage Workbench

Extraordinary diy garage bike storage ideas #garage #garagestorage #garageorganization #diy #diyhomedecor
Image Source: cutediyprojects.com

This workbench is super creative and versatile, and what makes it a great choice for those who want to maximize their garage storage space.

Mudroom Garage

Unforgettable diy garage ceiling storage ideas #garage #garagestorage #garageorganization #diy #diyhomedecor
Image Source: http://sypsie.com/

Amazing Bike Shelf

Surprising diy garage wall storage ideas #garage #garagestorage #garageorganization #diy #diyhomedecor
Image Source: http://daily.sightline.org/

Cordless Tool Caddy

Glorious undefined #garage #garagestorage #garageorganization #diy #diyhomedecor
Image Source: https://www.woodstore.net/

Overhead Garage Storage

Eye-opening diy garage tool storage ideas #garage #garagestorage #garageorganization #diy #diyhomedecor
Image Source: cutediyprojects.com

The only downside of this form of storage is that it is very difficult to implement, but other than that, it can truly benefit you in the long run.

Truss Shelves

Excited diy garage organizer ideas #garage #garagestorage #garageorganization #diy #diyhomedecor
Image Source: http://ana-white.com/

Slat Wall

Miraculous diy storage ideas for garage #garage #garagestorage #garageorganization #diy #diyhomedecor
Image Source: homestoriesatoz.com

A Beautiful Mess loves her Slatwall system because it is completely interchangeable and evolves with your organizational needs. If you’re someone who enjoys pretty workspaces, you will be inspired by this space.

Functional Lockers

Unbelievable diy garage storage ideas #garage #garagestorage #garageorganization #diy #diyhomedecor
Image Source: bhg.com

This is also a great way to keep chemicals and potential dangers away from pets and small children.

Garage storage ideas are a must. And this shortlist of garage storage ideas can be a good help for you who struggle to keep everything in its place.

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