30+ Stylish & Chic Kids Room Decorating Ideas for Girls & Boys

Kids are the reason why parents, smile, laugh, and even cry. Creating a room full of ideas that can make them jump full of excitement is every parent’s noble duty. Kids’ room decorating ideas can come from anything.

You can ask them what kind of room they would like to have or you can just choose any themes or styles that will suit them best. Here are some ideas we’ve compiled from many fun and interesting room decoration styles to inspire you.


1. A Toy Rack

kids room wall decor
Image Source: happilyannmarie.com

Kids love to play with many things as it fun and can stimulate them to be smart and creative children. It can also keep them to stay occupied while you can do your daily routine without getting bothered by their activities.

Build them a rack and put a collection of books or toys can create a smile on their faces. But don’t spoil them in the name of love. Instead, guide and educate them with a proper way of teaching method.

  • A large blue rug to keep the room to stay warm.
  • A wooden rack to put kids’ books, souvenirs or handicrafts.
  • A chalkboard that can let them express their imagination.

2. Installing a Chalkboard

kids room organization
Image Source: alistairturnbull.com

It’s hard to avoid the walls having so many scratches out of crayons or anything that children can use to draw pictures or lines on the walls. It’s only natural for them to behave a little bit naughty as they still don’t really know what they really are doing.

By providing a chalkboard in their room, hopefully, it can reduce the chance of having a messy look on the walls. Another benefit would be to spruce up the wall a little bit.

3. Starry Room

kids room organization
Image Source: adolldesigns.info

Having a sleep problem is a common thing in kids’ life. They sometimes can’t close their eyes for some reason at nights. Some kids won’t be able to fall asleep without finding their favorites toys or dolls in their arms.

So, leaving them some teddy bears or decorating their room in which they can feel comfortable enough to have a good sleep would be a good idea. The ceiling can hypnotize them to get to sleep fast with its beautiful starry theme.

  • The starry ceiling with blue color looks just like stars in the sky.
  • Adding an impressive pendant light will make it even better.
  • Keeping the room clean is also essential.

4. Aircraft Theme Decoration

kids room curtains
Image Source: photowall.com

The sky is full of surprises and unsolvable puzzles, and it sure looks wonderful at the same time. This is maybe what inspires many children to have big dreams, one of which is to be a pilot one day.

If your kids happen to be keen on studying any subject related to space, for example, painting their room with aircraft will make them hysterically joyful. There’s also a miniature of home that surely can entertain them when they’re alone in their room.

  • Such an impressive themed-sky wall painting.
  • A dollhouse miniature can be an excellent toy the kids can play with.
  • The brown accents fill up the room and blend well with the rest.

5. Calm Look

kids room decorating ideas for studying
Image Source: goodbealife.com

Choosing a color for a kid’s room isn’t that difficult and easy either. This is owing to tons of shade of colors that you can pick, which literally quite confuse you more often than not.

But if you want to have a calm look in the room, you can have a go with any colors that don’t appear to be that bright. And blue or grey color can be an alternative for that just as seen in this picture.

6. Include a Cupboard

kids room storage
Image Source: goodbealife.com

What would always be considered an important thing in a room is a cupboard? It is because it has so many advantages not only for storing things, but it can be a good additional decoration in the room.

Some cute shelves can also be found on the walls on which some stuffed animals and tiny toys add some adorable touch to the surroundings. Some fluffy and cute pillows also spotted on the corner.

  • Legos are viewed as an educational toy that helps kids find their talent, especially in architecture.
  • How big storage is can be measured with how many stuff or toys are in the room. Its storage is needed to keep the room cluttered-free.

7. Basket for Additional Storage

kids room furniture
Image Source: pinterest.com

When toys are all over the place and the room gets cluttered, you must clean it up as the kids will make any excuses to do so. This is where you’ll know what baskets are made for. They come in handy as they can help you declutter the room as practical storage.

On the wall, there are pictures of kids and a sentence that beautifully pictures kids’ world “Life is rad.” Yes, it is. Such wonderful words that can be used to illustrate what kids’ life looks like.

  • The window in the middle of the room lights the room and make it brighter.
  • The rug with nice pattern seems to make an impact in the room with its surface.

8. Out-Space Objects

kids room decorating ideas for boys and girls
Image Source: pinterest.com

Kids are always full of imagination. You may often find they talk to themselves. Yes, it is their imaginary friends. Some of them can be fond of out space, imagining themselves in an out space suit as astronauts.

They may get themselves motivated after watching some heroic stories or movies and then they just want to be just like them. That’s why this colorful room with the galaxy background would be just perfect for them.

  • Large chalkboard allows your kids to draw literally anything about what they like.
  • A rainbow rug seems to have some positive energy to cheer them up.
  • A yellow chair and some books are just what the room needs.

9. Puzzle Box

kids room decor
Image Source: odditymall.com

A puzzle is an interesting game for some kids to play with. It can also trigger them to develop their creativity – not every kid will like it though. You can try to rip all the parts off and let them match them themselves.

There are lots of balls with which you can play “throw and catch” with your kids. It will be fun inside the room while teaching them some moves.

10. Make It More Alive

kids rooms to go
Image Source: realsimple.com

Some colorful stuff will always get the kids’ attention. They can really be infatuated with it. It is why you find a kid’s room and decoration is full of much-multicolored stuff in it. It can really express their feelings since they look so much attractive in their eyes.

A woven rack, cupboard and some baskets are common things that fill in a child’s room. Keep the room clean as dust can pile in a room full of many things.

  • Another rack is where small things can be gathered.
  • There’s a land miniature that shows a field with the beautiful sky.
  • An open cupboard is full of boxes and baskets in which toys are kept.

11. Children Books

kids room ideas
Image Source: pinterest.com

Who’s not going to love when you’re going to bed and your parents read a story for you? I think every kid would love that. A good story doesn’t only motivate your children to be just like what the main character in it, it makes them feel cozy.

Therefore, they can sleep soon after hearing the story you tell to them. Just create shelves and then hang them on the wall. There you go!

  • A small grey bed looks so adorable and fit for a toddler.
  • Wooden flooring makes the room appear spotless.
  • Open shelves to display your book collection.

12. Lay a Rug

kids room rugs
Image Source: elledecor.com

Since not all kids are into bright hues, parents can try to have a monochrome style. This room has a nice and welcoming ambiance with black and white. The window is designed with a semi-circular shape that looks elegant.

The antique lamp also creates a classic feel in the room while the black rug lies under the white ladder. There’s a table along with a chair to accompany your kids to do their homework.

  • The white cross marks on the rug are unique.
  • The “welcome to the city of champions” phrase on the board is the right words for a kid who loves to play football.
  • Tiny terracotta tile wall on the corner leaves a cool finish.

13. Action Hero Figures

kids room layout
Image Source: amatterdarkly.co

Heroes always have a place in kids’ hearts. Even adults idolize them. It is proved by how many action figures are made and sold every year. A very similar method can be adopted here. Yes, installing shelves.

Kid can go tantrum when they don’t get what they want or when they lose or destroy their toys. So, you have to be careful with that because it is not easy to calm them down.

14. Home Miniature

kids room makeover
Image Source: momooze.com

Some hobbies or choices can be a signal of what your kids are interested in or what they want to become in the future. This home miniature, for instance, isn’t just a mere toy. Your kids can also learn how to build it if they like it.

It can be an alternative present for them, and it is a somewhat educational gift that can give them inspiration on becoming an architect someday.

15. Near the Window

kids room makeover
Image Source: bloggaibagis.com

The bed seems to be pretty small, but it is not the main bed. It is just a second bed where your kids can change the bed when feeling bored. After superheroes, outer space stuff and such, animals would be the next thing to add in the bedroom.

The panel wooden flooring is in its neutral color while there’s a circular rug with a lion face on it. A wooden chair is also found adjacent to the bed.

16. A Swing Chair

kids room interior design
Image Source: homedepot.com

Girls are different than boys. So, parents should treat them unlike they treat boys. If your kids love to play with dolls, you can build her a swing chair. If the room is somewhat spacious, adding a table and chairs can’t go wrong.

A large chalkboard can be a nice addition to the room if necessary. You can teach her how to draw or give her some knowledge that can be helpful in her school.

17. Bedside Table

kids room painting
Image Source: blog.mooui.com.br

A small bedside table is furniture that can be added into a kid’s room. It is practical and can be great storage too.  Floral bed sheets together with vivid pillows don’t only offer comfy but some energetic looks too.

The flooring looks so warm and welcoming. A horse rocking chair can be a clever tool to persuade kids when misbehaving. Some unique hues are applied on the wall creating a dramatic scene.

18. Neat and Tidy

kids room layout
Image Source: housebeautiful.com

A cluttered-free room is what makes a room feels so much comfortable to live in. Everything in the room looks so organized. Boxes will come in handy when you need to put the toys in their places.

Kids’ room tends to be untidy just minutes after so clean them up. So, this picture is a good example of how boxes are supposed to function when it comes to tidying the room.

19. 3D wallpaper

kids room makeover
Image Source: mintandmohair.com

Some people would love to see their walls to be painted in many different colors. Others prefer to have theirs appear in other styles that don’t need painting. There’s a good solution to this kind of situation if you want the walls to have a unique surface in an instant.

Applying 3D wallpaper will make the room just as good as you want it to be. Peel it off and change it to other styles or themes is also possible as they are removable.

  • How comfortable it is to have a rattan swing in the room.
  • A white and pink rug lies on the wooden floor.
  • Giant windows with a white curtain.

20. Bring Teepee Tent in

kids room carpet
Image Source: puntodeco.com.ar

Although the room will look so crowded with a lot of things, this kind of room is probably what kids are looking for. Bringing a teepee tent in as a hideout for them to play will make the room full of fun.

The room seems to have a strong sweet and feminine accent with pinkish and grey colors that would be suitable for girls. A tent, table, and chairs can take up some substantial space in the room if you don’t have any problem with that’s fine. Go ahead!

  • A tent with a small room enough for two kids in which they can have fun playing.
  • A countertop where stuff can be found there sits near the wall.
  • A table and chairs you can spend some quality time with your children.

Kids’ room decorating ideas don’t have to be complicated. That’s just unnecessary. In fact, with a simple room decoration can make them feel in a safe haven.

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