23 Remarkable Pergola Cover Ideas to Suit Every Garden

If there is enough outdoor space in your house, you may need some pergola cover ideas. This bold structure is a perfect outside element. It would give shade and a place to chill alfresco.

A pergola is the highlight of the outdoor. Besides, it can also become a fancy entrance to the house and an amazing structure covering the walkway. The real function of it is not blocking the sun but giving an aesthetic shine. The daystar would be at bay not blocked.

There are many varieties when it comes to the tastes and design styles of a pergola. It can consist of straw, plastic tiles, wood, fabric, plants, metal, bamboo, and any other material. According to the concept, all of the materials can make a stylish combination.

If you already have a pergola at your house, choose to add a new cover to bring a new life. Some may have too large spaces between the slats. It becomes too sunny during the day. You can grow a creeper or weave in roller shades.

Each material used for pergola covers has its difficulties. Some materials are very easy to install and maintain, several others need professional work. The price would be something you consider too.

A bower in your house needs proper design and style. It is all up to you to decide the thing you need and prefer. Here are some impressive pergola cover ideas to inspire your outdoors.


1. Natural Pergola Cover Ideas with Greenery

Natural Pergola Cover Ideas with Greenery

Check out this massive green pergola. The entire roof is covered with plants. You have to choose the kind of plant that loves to climb over the structures. This type of structure is perfect for the walkway of a garden.

The plants and the pergola structure seem to takes benefit from each other. The wooden arrangement gives the plant sunny and airy support. Meanwhile, the greenery provides the shade and covers with its lush vibrant manner.

2. Straw Material Covering for Traditional Style

Straw Material Pergola Cover

For a more traditional approach, you can have the roof of pergola with the straw material like this one. It would bring your garden to the next level of style. It is a perfect additional space in a resort.

3. Wooden Rib Panels for Terrace Kitchen

Wooden Rib Panels for Terrace Kitchen

This amazing terrace is looking so comfortable. It goes for a rectitude bower. It is nicely matched by this modern house. This type would need rigid material for the pergola cover ideas.

Therefore, the wooden rib panels seem to be the right choice since it has a simple geometric shape. That is the right approach for this. This terrace is designed to be a summer spot in the house. That is why it only needs slight shading.

4. Modern Pergola with Juxtaposed Panels

Modern Pergola with Juxtaposed Panels

The Juxtaposition style of pergola would create such a unique look to the sky. The sunlight would look fantastic going through. It looks so decorative, especially during the daylight. The pattern is quite enjoyable. Lift your head and look at the clouds differently.

5. Curved Wood Pergola Cover Ideas

Curved Wood Pergola Cover Ideas

That curved wood concept is such a unique touch for your outdoor space. It would definitely draw people’s attention. This pergola structure looks complicated but it is actually much easier than that. However, it would be better to leave it to the professional for the installation.

This curved pergola has a graceful appearance that would easily become the focal point of the garden. There is no need to add anything bigger or bolder than this. This kind of material needs a protective veneer in order to keep it as long-lasting as possible.

6. Interesting Patterned Wood Panels

nteresting Patterned Wood Panels

It is another interesting pergola cover ideas for your backyard. The pattern is the key to an impressive look. This stylish structure shows you how rich the wood is. It has the color and texture that add so much value to everything.

The geometric patterns make this wooden structure even more interesting. The concept is to have each panel orients to the next as the mirror. As a result, you can see the stunning light created by the scheme as the light passes through inside the pergola.

However, it does not totally protect the space from rain and sun. It is perfect for the delicate climate.

7. Fabric Cover Idea for Large Pergola

Fabric for Large Pergola Cover Ideas

It is a big size of an area. This allows you to enjoy the outdoor space by the swimming pool without even worried about the sun. The fabric would help protect you from the harsh sunlight. It will not burn your skin and one of the ideal pergola cover ideas to cool the atmosphere.

This pergola by the pool is using fabric sail as the cover. It is pretty large, durable, and lightweight; an ideal choice to be used as the roof. In addition, the sailcloth is quite affordable. This material will protect you from the harshness of the sun.

However, you will still get some of the sunlight that is already filtered by the cloth. It would feel like enjoying a beach cabana vibe. One thing to consider, this fabric needs to be removed once the winter season is coming.

8. Pergola with Metal Structure and Cover

Metal Structure as Pergola Cover Ideas

If the element of wood is not enough to impress you, how about having the pergola structure in metal? Such material provides you with a sturdy and weatherproofing quality. On this terrace, it has dark wooden flooring.

Metal and wood make a great pair in this space. On the other hand, this robust material would cost more money to install. It requires professional services. Well, you will get a neat modern look and sturdy structure, so, it is worth it.

9. Roller Shade Pergola Cover Ideas

Roller Shade Pergola Cover Ideas

For those who are looking for a more modern choice, this pergola can be the inspiration. It has roller shade covering that is sturdy and easy to work with. It has, as well, the bending character that goes really well with the rectitude in the furniture and arbor itself.

Being creative like this would result in an interesting space that is also pleasing to the eye. Unlike the previous pergola cover ideas, this one gives quite efficient protection from the sun and the rain. However, you have to clean it from time to time and replace the covering after a few years.

10. A Tiled Roof for Pergola Cover Ideas

A Tiled Roof for Pergola Cover Ideas

This kind of pergola is designed for the winter season. Obviously, you can see the fire pit and the fireplace. That explains it all. This does not only protect the space from sun or rain but also snow. That is why a sturdy cover will be needed.

A tiled roof covering would serve you just right. It feels like a house without a wall.

11. Sheet Wood Pergola Cover Ideas

Sheet Wood Pergola Cover

Some people decide to have a pergola that can cover them from rain and sunlight totally. Well, this one should be something they consider. It uses the thin wood sheets that are fitted tightly to the top. It provides the shade you need in your outdoor space.

12. Decorative Wooden Covering of a Pergola

Decorative Wooden for Pergola Cover

This covering is more than just a cover that provides shade. It comes in a playful pattern that gives a pleasing scene to the eye. The changing shadows from the sun throughout the day are an amazing thing to see under this covering.

It is even better. This one of the pergola cover ideas does not really cost that much. If you have some basic woodworking skills, build it on your own. In order to make the wood sturdy and durable enough, add a protective layer to it.

13. Solid Wood Pergola Covering

Solid Wood Pergola Covering

Some household decides to use the pergola space for a more functional spot such as dining and entertainment area. Having a solid wood covering would make the place more than a shaded zone.

This covering will not let the weather or any season interfere with your activities. Having a solid one would need some consideration. You have to pick it based on your style or preferences.

14. Berry Creeper as Pergola Covering

Berry Creeper as Pergola Covering

Instead of the ordinary plants that climb up to the structure of a pergola, you can choose the one that has more color besides just green.

It is going to be a romantic and sweet scene in your garden. The one in the picture uses a berry creeper to cover the top. This plant has fruits and it makes it so perfect for a walkway pergola. The crop becomes the tastiest and nicest thing to filter out the sun.

15. Drop Cloth for Backyard Pergola Cover Ideas

Drop Cloth for Backyard Pergola Cover Ideas

It seems like any kind of fabric covering on a pergola would give the beach cabana vibe to the area. In this one, the drop cloth is used for both the top cover and the curtain. This airy fabric awning is a perfect choice to case all sides. Whenever you need privacy, just sheath the surrounding.

If you want the cloth to stay installed all year round, use the water-resistant fabric.

16. Covering Pergola Top Using Vinyl

Covering Pergola Top Using Vinyl

If you aim for a more durable material to be one of pergola cover ideas, vinyl would be a nice selection. This covering definitely keeps the sun out in a very efficient way. It is perfect for a location that has harsh weather.

Just install it once and forever. No need to take care of it anymore in the future. Vinyl produced in various colors and you can cut it to sizes. Use this material for a rectitude composition.

17. Grapevine Plant Covering

Grapevine Plant Covering

Covering the pergola with fruits is something you will not see often in a garden. It is indeed a magnificent concept to give the shelter you need and some yummy foods within arms’ reach. While walking below the vine, the sweet taste of the grape can be enjoyed.

In addition, the fragrance of the grapevine leaves is so refreshing. You will feel the relaxation while in the pergola. However, it requires extra work to grow such a plant. It needs some planning in advance.

18. Branch Creeper Covering for Walkway

Branch Creeper Covering for Walkway

It is an astonishing walkway to have in the garden. You can have a small version of this pergola in your front yard as an entrance to the house. This one looks so natural. It looks like a gate that nature has created.

It uses a grapevine plant as the creeper. You can consider this pergola as the budget-friendly one because no need a solid wood or metal structure to build it. The climber can grow in almost any kind of material including wire.

Well, it needs time to spring up the creeper. You also have to do constant gardening to make it perfectly formed a gate. With the three elements, wire, branch, and climber, you will have a natural pergola in your garden.

19. Interlaced Fabric Pergola Cover

Interlaced Fabric Pergola Cover

This cover looks so fancy and pretty. It must be so convenient to build. The interlacing provides an elegant atmosphere to space. It is also a perfect cover for classic and modern decoration for a formal occasion like a wedding or birthday.

20. Straw and Plants as Covering

Straw and Plants as Covering

The combination of straw and creeper in this pergola makes a great vibe to this outdoor cafe. Natural materials will not be a disappointment. They are eco-friendly and lovely to see. Enjoy the holidays and leisure feel.

21. Polycarbonate Covers for Pergola

Polycarbonate Covers for Pergola

This sturdy and solid material can be a great option for a pergola cover. It would keep the space from all the harsh weather conditions at bay. It does not cost too much but you will need professional help with the installation.

After that, you should just do a routine clean up to keep it in good shape.

22. Artistic Wood Covering Design

Artistic Wood Covering Design

If you want something artsy, this is definitely the choice. It is another variation of the decorative pergola. Creatively, the wood is shaped and applied to form this masterpiece. The spiraling concept is something uniquely interesting.

23. Gorgeous Flowers on a Pergola

Instead of a creeper, you can aim for more colorful plants. Flowers are a perfect choice. They are so gorgeous. It is a perfect additional element for a brick and wood pergola like this one. The white wooden top really provides a great chance for the floras to shine even brighter.

Final Words

The pergola cover ideas that you are planning to have at your space should be the one that is not only reflecting the extra sun but also the style of the owner, you. The design has to be a match with the overall vibe of the house. Let’s begin.