How To Organize A Room With Too Much Stuff

Over time, our homes and lives fill up with stuff we don’t use or desire, resulting in overcrowded bookcases, sideboards, and drawers.

What if you want minimalist bedroom decor? Your dining room may be made into a comfortable and inviting setting for your visitors to enjoy their meals. You can use this method how to organize a room with too much stuff regardless of the reason for your massive decluttering effort.

how to organize a room with too much stuff

Correct And Incorrect Methods Of Organizing

The most difficult part of cleaning a room full of possessions is figuring out what should be kept and what should be thrown out.

Get your belongings into categories, such as those you wish to keep, donate or store. This is the first stage.

  • It’s possible to bring back any of your favorites at any time.
  • Find places where you can donate your unwanted products.
  • Use a storage facility for anything you want to keep but don’t have a place for. For example, a single piece of bedroom furniture or an entire bookshelf could be the subject of this question.
  • You may throw anything else away. Anything you don’t want to repurpose should be recycled or disposed of properly.

Before Making A Purchase, Ask Yourself Several Questions

When deciding what to keep and what to throw away, consider the following questions:

  • Does this item bring back any fond memories? – You may have received it as a gift or have a personal connection to it. If you want to maintain the object in its current place, you may want to give it a designated area.
  • Is there a problem? – If a broken item cannot be upcycled or recycled, it should be thrown away because it has no value to us.
  • Did I use it for the past months?. Giving or selling items even if you haven’t used them in a while (and don’t plan to soon) is a wonderful idea.
  • How much can I expect to pay for it? – Think about your belongings in terms of money. Do you think you could profit from reselling them? Make your room appear better with that money!

Whatever You Feel Like Giving Will Be Much Appreciated

A lot of what you own may be put to better use by someone else if you’re like most people. The dumbbells or curling tongs that you’ve only used a few times can now be utilized by someone else!

Initially, it may be more convenient to throw things away. However, donating your unused items is a better choice for the environment and helps charitable groups gain funds.

It makes no sense to keep something that is broken or ineffective. You can’t just give it away because it’s trash. Do not give anything that is in poor condition or that has been abused as a gift.

Get The Containers

If you have a lot of small items, boxes are a great method to keep them all in order. As a result, it will be easier for you to obtain the resources you require.

Instead of cardboard boxes, we recommend large plastic containers. As a result, moving the box isn’t a concern about the box breaking. Additionally, a box with a lid might be a useful storage container for unit products. It keeps them safe and secure by preventing them from leaking out or becoming dusty over time.

To ensure that your possessions remain fresh until you need them again, put an air freshener on your final packing list.

Start With The Most Important Things First, And Work Your Way Down

One drawer-cleaning session turns into an entire afternoon in a flash. Larger items, such as furniture, are a good place to start. Make a list of everything you want to keep, everything that can be moved to another location, and everything that has to go.

If you’re renovating an old room into a home office, you may need to keep the futon around for afternoons spent reading paperwork. This location could potentially be used for phone calls with coworkers. Removing an unused chest of drawers could help the space feel more balanced. You’ll feel more accomplished and have more areas to work with if you start with the larger items first.

Make Sure You Don’t Overextend Yourself By Trying To Cram Too Much Into One Day

A large room requires more time to organize than you might think, especially if you plan on doing it all in one day. Spreading out your organizing sessions over a few weekends is the greatest way to avoid getting bored and giving up or becoming overwhelmed.

Donation materials can be organized and delivered in a single morning to the appropriate locations. Another alternative is to pack up your items and deliver them to a storage facility yourself.

Make time to organize the room, move the furniture, and thoroughly clean the objects you’ll be storing thereafter. It will be easier to declutter a room full of clutter if you divide your time and tasks.

In A Bundle Of Containers

Once your items are in plastic containers or storage boxes, stacking them neatly and effectively begins. Here are some of our greatest tips for stacking containers:

  • Boxes with thick bottoms provide a firm base for stacking and protect fragile contents from being crushed.
  • Like in Tetris, don’t be afraid to squeeze small boxes between larger ones to make it work. Keep items in place and save space at the same time using this.
  • As an alternative to cramming a room or container to the max with plastic storage boxes, try stacking them on top of each other. To get to the back items, make sure you have enough room to move about and step inside.
  • Away from the ground is the best place to store perishables and textiles to prevent them from freezing.

Clean Always

The next step in dealing with a messy environment is to plan out how you’re going to maintain it. Keep in mind that cleaning the room is the most important thing you can do to keep your home in good condition.

The “keep, donate, store, or discard” philosophy is a good reminder to keep clutter at bay. Don’t succumb to the desire to rapidly clean up with clean surfaces or empty drawers; instead, make sure all of your items have a designated place.

Tidying your room at least once a year should be on your list of things to consider. It helps to have a well-functioning and orderly space in place.

Consider Renting A Storage Unit

Identifying where you’ll store the things you want to keep but don’t need right now in this area is an important first step. Don’t put it all in your garage storage. Renting a storage container is one of the finest ways to keep things you don’t want to get rid of but may need in the future.

You can store major items such as furniture, appliances, and electrical and electronic equipment in a local storage facility. You can stack all of your cherished possessions to the ceiling if you can’t bear to part with them.


Organizing a room with too much stuff doesn’t have to be an impossible task. By following these steps, you can get your space back in order and make it more functional for your needs.

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