How to Hang a Wreath on an Interior Window

Who or what comes to mind when you hear the word “Christmas?” A white illuminated house with wreaths on the windows is ideal for the holidays but how to hang a wreath on an interior window? Hanging Christmas wreaths is a difficult task that should be done only once and correctly the first time.

Outdoor Christmas wreaths can be hung in a variety of ways. It depends on the window and the wreath’s attachment method.

how to hang a wreath on an interior window

Questions To Ponder Before You Hang Your Wreath On An Interior Window

What Kind Of Wreath Should I Get For My Windows??

Wreaths should have a diameter that is no more than half the width of your windows and no less than half the height. Wreaths that are 20″ or 24″ in diameter work well on the majority of windows. Consider the wreath’s weight as well. Overweight or overdecorated items will require additional support to remain on your window.

When It Comes To Window Materials, What Distinguishes Vinyl From Wood?

With vinyl windows, you don’t want to damage the window frame by poking or nailing anything into it as you can with wood ones. To preserve the structural integrity of your windows, avoid any unnecessary damage.

In What Manner Can I Hang Wreaths On Screen-Covered Windows?

The work of hanging wreaths will be considerably easier if the window screens are removed. In addition, the wreaths will be more visible and appealing without the screens behind them. However, if you can’t remove your screens, consider hammering a nail into the outside of your wood window frame and hanging the wreath from the nails with a broad ribbon.

To keep the wreath in place after it’s been hung, I recommend using floral wire to weave it through the screen mesh and through the wreath’s top and bottom to secure it. As a result, the wreath will not swing in the wind and perhaps rip the screen, as it would otherwise.

On The Windows, Where Should Wreaths Be Placed?

Wreath placement on a window is entirely subjective. Whether it’s at the top or bottom of the window, it may be placed in any position. It’s all up to you. All of your wreaths on windows, however, should be hung at the same height and with the center of the pane facing outward.

If you want to avoid a collision with the window frame by hanging them too high or too low, aim for the wreath’s center to fall 1/3 of the way down from the top or the bottom. To hang a wreath, you should put it so that the wreath’s back is flush with the window.

Several Options For Hanging Wreaths On The Window

Use Ribbon To Attach Wreath To Top-Down Or Double-Hung Windows

If you have a double-hung window in your living room that opens from the top down, you can use the following method:

  • The ribbon should be between 4′ and 5′ in length (at least 2.5″ wide looks great). Because it will be seen from both the exterior and interior of your home decor, a lovely ribbon should be used to decorate it.
  • After threading one end of the ribbon through the wreath, tie a knot towards the end of the ribbon.
  • Bring down the top window sash and, holding on to the knot end of the wreath, drape it over the top of the window from the outside.
  • Raise the sash of the window when you open the window. Because of the knot, the wreath will not be thrown to the ground as it falls. You may have to play with the knot placement to get the wreath to hang right on the window.

Elegant Floral Wire Knot For Bottom-Up Windows

Floral wire is used instead of ribbon in this procedure, and the results are essentially identical to those of Method 1. In this instance, you’ll need a second pair of hands to open the window.

  • The floral wire measures 4 feet in length.
  • To make a wreath out of floral wire, insert one end of the wire into the wreath and bring the two ends together.
  • A few inches of fresh air can be let in by opening the lower window a little bit. Using a small crack behind the top window, slide the two ends of floral wire through. Insiders should grasp the floral wire’s ends with both hands.
  • Using your other hand, close the window while still holding the wire ends in your hands.
  • Ensure that the wires are neatly tucked inside the case. One method is to place a pushpin on the top of the bottom window’s frame and wires wrapped around the pin; this method has shown to be effective.

Use A Suction Cup With A Hook

Suction cup hooks should be installed on the window. For wreaths, vacuum suction cup hooks are the best option. Make ensure that the hook you are using is strong enough to sustain the weight of the wreath you are creating before proceeding. Wreaths can be hung on windows, doors, and other surfaces in the stylish interior and exterior of your home using this technique. Use a suction cup hook to attach a wreath to a mirror to save on floor space.

Use A Magnetic Wreath Hangers

Wreaths can be attached to metal doors and windows using this method. Magnetic wreath hangers are an alternative to 3M hooks or drilling a hole in your door. If you don’t already have them, you’ll need to get some. Hang your wreath on the wreath hangers attached to the glass windows on either side of the window.

Use A Fishing Line

You can hang wreaths on the windowsill in many ways, but one method is to tie the fishing line to one shutter and secure it to another. Before attempting to hang the wreath, make sure the fishing line is taut and strong enough to hold the weight of the wreath. The translucent fishing line will be completely undetectable behind your wreath.

Tension Rod That Can Be Adjusted

If you like, you can use a tension rod that is somewhat longer than your window’s width. In front of the window, place a rod across its top and bottom sashes. You won’t even know that the rod is there because it matches the rest of your window’s trim. With the window brick side jambs, a tight fit is essential. Wire or zip ties can be used to secure the wreath to the rod. Using a ribbon tied around a tension rod, the wreath is held aloft.

How To Hang Wreaths On Upstairs Windows For The Second Time

Next year, we returned our Christmas wreaths to their original locations on the first and second floor of our home interior and exterior and learned a simple trick for rehanging them: remove one side of a sash and reach outside to grab the wreath. As long as your hook is already attached to the window, this strategy will work. Make sure your wreath is ready to go before climbing a ladder.

Final Thought

Window decoration is a popular way to show your holiday spirit. There are many ways to hang a wreath on an interior window and each has its benefits and drawbacks. Choose the method that works best for you and enjoy your beautiful wreath!

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